10 Best Ground Coffees Reviews 2021 | Reviews & Guide

Brewing quality coffee is an art that requires a functional coffee maker and also authentic ground coffee. If your coffee maker can use a variety of ground coffee, you will realize there are many bands to choose from. They come in different flavors, tastes, and volumes.

This fact makes it challenging to determine the best ground coffee. However, it’s good to try different types of coffee makes. In fact, you will be in a position to enjoy different flavors and tastes as well as identify a favorite brand.

Why Choose Ground Coffee?

If you recently bought a coffee maker, you may be using the gift pack (free ground coffee) that comes with some brands.

You will need to choose a favorite ground coffee brand or even try out different brands. Also, if you are dissatisfied with the ground coffee that you use, you may need to check out other types of coffee.

A quick check of what different bands have to offer regarding taste, flavor, and volume, will help you choose your best ground coffee.

Buyer’s Guide

The coffee maker uses that particular ground coffee

Since different coffee makers use different ground coffees, you may want to know if a particular coffee is compatible. Also, some coffee makers use coffee pods only while others such as Nespresso Machine use specific ground coffee.

The blend

You may want to know the ingredients contained in a particular ground coffee. Although the main ingredient is coffee, it may have other addictions such as chicory, chocolate, berry, and other fruit flavors. The mixture determines the taste, smoothness, and bitterness of the coffee.


How much coffee is contained in the can or pack? Some brand offers up to 32 ounces while others offer 8 ounces. But note that the volume may correlate with the price.

You may realize some brands that offer a large volume of coffee at reasonable prices. A large volume is ideal since you will brew continuously for some time before ordering a new pack.

Level of roasting

Most ground coffee brands are slowly roasted to prevent bitterness and loss of flavor. Medium roasting is usually considerable since it produces bittersweet coffee that helps to keep you focused.

Other factors to consider include

  • Price
  • Refund policy
  • Style of packaging
  • The authenticity of the company/brand

Top 10 Ground Coffee Review

We have reviewed the top ground coffees on the market to help choose a favorite coffee. Our selecting is based on the ingredients in the blend, taste, and authenticity of the brand.

Ensure to compare the different types of ground coffee before making a selection. We hope the quick reviews will be helpful in your selection.

1. Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee

Lavazza is an Italian brand and one of Italy’s favorite coffees. Crema e Gusto is a special blend of Indonesian and African Robusta with Brazilian Arabica coffees.

The blend produces an intense and perfect balanced aroma, rich and fragrant flavor with chocolaty notes.

Those who love brewing every day can enjoy this blend as part of their daily coffee ritual. It comes in a pack of 4 a total of 8.8 ounces bricks.

Conclusion: This ground coffee is perfect for espresso and ideal for use with different brands of coffee makers. The blend is ideal for French presses, coffee makers, percolators, and vacuum brewers.

2. Tim Horton’s 100% Arabica Original Blend Ground Coffee

Tim Horton’s offers coffee fans a blend of 100% Arabica beans from several regions around the world. This Arabia blend should be served 20 minutes of brewing.

Fresh and tastier coffee is the selling point of this ground coffee. A Unique and secret taste is ensured by the use of a special premium blend.

32.8 ounces of ground coffee allows you to enjoy one delicious cup at a time for several days.

Conclusion: This ground coffee is ideal for use with automatic coffee makers.

3. Melitta Coffee, Colombian Supreme Ground, Medium Roast, 22-Ounce

Melitta Coffee comes in a lovely can that opens to deliver a fresh, well-balanced flavor that is never bitter. This ground coffee is 100% Colombian high altitude grown Arabica beans.

Melitta boasts of sourcing its coffee from smaller farmers to ensure quality and consistency. You may use 30% less coffee since this ground coffee is medium roasted.

This ground coffee is Kosher certified so you can be sure it’s finely grounded and has the right composition to deliver well-balanced coffee.

Conclusion: This ground coffee is great for some models of French presses and automatic coffee makers.

4. French Market Medium-Dark Roast Ground Coffee

This blend of coffee and chicory is great if you like deep flavors. It boasts of 100% premium Arabica coffee beans and imported French Chicory which is well mixed to deliver fresh and premium taste.

The coffee is roasted in small batches before grounding to achieve a unique taste. Slow roasting ensures to preserve the deep flavors of each bean. The can is only 12 ounces but leaves an impressive experience.

Conclusion: You can use it with a variety of coffee makers including automatic brewers.

5. Barista Prima Decaf Italian Roast Coffee

Trying out different flavors may be a brilliant idea. This ground coffee is a blend of delicious, robust, decaf, and ripe fruit with berry notes.

It’s Trans fat, gluten, and kosher free to ensure good health. 4 pack of 24 cups each deliver a total of 96 K Cups for the coffee enthusiast.

Conclusion: This ground coffee meant for Keurig Single Cup Makers. It’s also compatible with the current Keurig 2.0 Brewer.

6. Community Coffee Premium Ground Coffee

Community signature dark roast has a rich and bold flavor of 100% Arabica coffee. It delivers out a different taste which is made by a family for generations.

The coffee is sourced, roasted, and packaged with family in mind. The 2-pack package contains 32 ounces of ground coffee for several cycles of brewing.

Conclusion: You can use this ground coffee with a variety of coffee makers including automatic and manual models.

7. Death Wish Ground Coffee – The World’s Strongest Coffee

Death wish is the world’s strongest coffee that keeps focused all through. If you are keen on taste or want to raise your coffee standards, you won’t go wrong with the dead wish.

It’s a blend of premium bold beans, with subtle notes of chocolate and cherry and it’s never bitter. With Fair Trade and USDA certification, you are sure it contains the right composition ingredients. The pack carries 16 ounces of coffee.

Conclusion: It’s ideal for use with coffee makers that require specific coffee types. So you can’t use it with Nespresso or Keurig.

8. Folgers Classic Roast Premium Coffee

Folgers delivers premium ground coffee at a reasonable price. It’s a good choice for those who love frequent brewing.

48 ounces (12 Pack) allows you a significant time of brewing. So you can save money by not frequenting the coffee shop. It undergoes classic roast to retain the rich, deep flavor of each bean without bitterness.

Conclusion: It’s recommended for use with many coffee brewers and even French presses.

9. Community Coffee Premium Ground Coffee

A blend of coffee and chicory delivers a bold and bittersweet drink. A rich and smooth coffee of natural coffee helps to stay focused.

Community coffee lets taste the difference family makes. 16 ounces (pack of 10) of ground coffee allows you to continue brewing for long. If you are a coffee fan, may want to try this premium ground coffee & chicory.

Conclusion: You can use it in your home, office, or cafe coffee maker provided it accepts ground coffee and doesn’t have restrictions such as Nespresso.

10. Valhalla Java Ground Coffee – Fair Trade and USDA Certified

Valhalla Java is carefully roasted, grounded, and blended to offer an ultra-strong cup of coffee that is smooth and bold. You may want to this ground coffee since it’s a product of the Death Wish Company.

Fair Trade and USDA certification warrants that this coffee is organic and has the right composition.

The 12-ounce bag allows you to brew several times whether at work or home. Death Wish is among the first companies that promise a refund if you don’t like their coffee.

Conclusion: This ground coffee is meant for use with almost all coffee makers available on the market including automatic brewers and French presses.

Final Verdict

Every ground coffee offers a unique flavor and taste. This fact allows you to either stick to a particular brand or tries out different types of ground coffee.

Trying out different brands is a brilliant idea since you can find the best coffee and stick to it.

When choosing ground coffee, it would be good to consider which coffee maker can use it, the volume (in ounces), ingredients in the blend, and level of roasting.

We hope you are on your way to finding the best ground coffee for you. These reviews will help in the process of determining your brand.

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