10 Best Gold Spray Paints Reviews 2021 | With Shiny Finishing

You have decided to buy a gold spray paint buy merely looking at the can doesn’t provide you enough insight to buy it.

As you cannot estimate the performance of spray paint without using it, buying one online becomes one heck of a task.

So, here in this article, I will be listing down the top 10 picks according to me for the best gold spray paint, and each one will be listed along with its pros and cons, so you can easily spot what you’re looking for.

Also, don’t forget to go through the buyer’s guide as it contains the points you need to keep in mind while buying the paint. Let’s start.

Top 10 Gold Spray Paints Reviews

After going through the market and trying out the top-rated brands and products, I have made a list of the top 10 products.

I’ve also considered the customer reviews in picking these top 10 models.

1. Rust-Oleum 286564 Metallic Gold Spray

Coming in as the number one pick, this one certainly has a charm to it. With its rose gold color, this oil-based spray paint will turn anything mesmerizing once it’s sprayed with this.

The product is weather resisting, so after using it, you don’t need to worry about the surface getting affected by any weather, be it wood, concrete, or masonry.

The protection it provides is commendable, and the dry time is also minimal. The finishing provided is very shiny and consists of ACTUAL metallic flakes, unique, right?

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  • Shiny finishing
  • Dries quickly
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Oil-based so drips a bit

2. Krylon K15151002 ColorMaster Paint

Sitting at the second spot of my top picks, this is another brilliant shiny finishing paint that will make your surface stand out.

One of the best things about this is the drying time; it hardly takes around 15 minutes to get fully dried so that you can finish your job pretty quickly with it.

There is a wide range of applications with this, and it can be used on materials ranging from wood to wicker.

Lastly, it’s a two-in-one paint and primer, so you don’t need to buy a primer, which is fantastic separately.

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  • Easy to use the conical tip
  • 2 in 1 paint and primer
  • Can be used on various materials


  • A bit expensive
  • Only for indoor use

3. Montana Cans GOLD 400 Spray Paint

This is a very environmentally friendly spray paint as it is lead and CFC free so you can use it without any regrets of harming nature.

It can be used on various materials such as wood, canvas, glass, etc., making it very usable once you’ve bought it. The reason it is versatile is that it’s acrylic-based, which is the reason for its flexibility.

However, one thing you need to be aware of is that using this may require multiple coatings; otherwise, it may be a bit transparent, as it doesn’t form a thick layer.

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  • Very shiny finishing
  • 100% lead and CFC free
  • Low-pressure cap to control flow


  • Not best for wood
  • Needs multiple coatings

4. Krylon Shimmer Metallic Spray

Want a one for all spray paint, which will provide a durable and shimmery outlook to a wide range of surfaces? Look no further!

This is a fantastic spray paint by Krylon, which combines durability with an appearance in the best way possible.

On top of a shiny look, it has a sprinkle of shimmer on top of it to make it further pleasing.

The application is wide-ranging from wood to ceramics, so no matter what material you own, this can always be used.

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  • Enhanced colors
  • Shimmery look
  • Durable coating
  • Covers many materials


  • Can sometimes be clogged

5. Design Master DM241 Metallic Spray Paint

Design master DM241 is one of the best options out there if you are looking for a pink gold color inside the house for projects such as decoration.

It covers the surfaces quickly and doesn’t take a long time to dry, making it very fast and easy to use.

Moreover, it’s quite economical, which makes it a perfect pick for a beginner who’s looking to decorate something casually.

Lastly, it’s chip-resistant as well, making it a great deal.

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  • Chip resistant
  • Great for indoor projects
  • Great rose gold color
  • Quick-drying


  • Very flammable
  • Somewhat clogging

6. Krylon K09104000 Spray Paint

If you are looking for a seriously quick drying time spray paint with many color options, this is undoubtedly your pick!

With a drying time of under 10 minutes, it’s extremely fast in working and provides great rust protection to the material it’s applied on as well.

Moreover, it’s a two-in-one primer plus paint, so you won’t need to buy a primer separately, making it very affordable.

So, if you’re looking to paint something outdoor which needs protection from rain or such rust-causing things, don’t forget to consider this.

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  • 2 in 1 paint and primer
  • Great rust protection
  • Rapid drying time
  • Good coverage


  • Not shiny finishing
  • Not for plastic/vinyl

7. Rust-Oleum 7210830 7Spray Paint

Another top-of-the-line choice for outdoor projects which require protection against the weather and corrosion.

However, this spray paint by Rust-Oleum is not only famous in customers for outdoor projects but the indoor ones as well.

Since it is oil-based, there may be some dripping, and if you are a beginner, that could be an issue to deal with. The finishing is excellent and minimizes surface imperfections.

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  • Very durable coating
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No fading or chipping


  • Takes a long to dry
  • May drip

8. Seymour EN-50 Spray Paint

This is a special spray paint and one of a kind when it comes to close work applications.

There is a reason why it’s tagged as engine spray paint, and the reason is that even under certain stress conditions, it performs great when it comes to durability, and there is hardly any competitor to this.

It’s VOC compliant and can resist heat up to 300F, making it pretty amazing. So, if you want to restore your engine colors to stock and make the body durable, you won’t get a better shot than this one.

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  • Best for engines
  • Heat resistant
  • VOC compliant
  • Restores original colors


  • Particular application
  • Not so shiny

9. Chase Metallic Enamel Spray

Looking for a true 24 karat gold spray? Well, you’ve got it. This beautiful gold enamel spray by Chase is one of the best when it comes to looks.

Though it doesn’t have a wide range of applications, it’s great for what it can be used for.

One thing to note here is that it’s quite flammable, so if you plan to buy it, make sure you keep it out of their reach.

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  • Brilliant gold finishing
  • Less number of coatings are required.
  • Affordable


  • Very flammable
  • Drippy

10. Krylon K02203 Metallic Copper Spray Paint

Yet another top-notch product by Krylon is this general purpose spray paint. The spray paint is recommended to be used on metal, but it can be used on various other surfaces.

It will provide you a typical copper finishing, and the surface will become very durable, and the drying process of the paint is speedy.

However, remember that it is not for outdoor usage since it doesn’t provide any protection, so it should be used indoors only.

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  • Fast drying time
  • Various materials application
  • Durable finishing


  • Only for indoor
  • Not very bright finishing

Buyer’s Guide

Here, we will see some of the points you should always consider if you want to buy the most suitable spray paint for yourself.

These points will play the most crucial part in your decision.

Drying Time

Drying time refers to the time it takes for the spray paint to dry off after you are done spraying it completely. So, the lesser this time is, the better the paint is.

While one can manage an average drying time without any issue, a very long drying time may become annoying as you cannot use the object before it’s dried.

So, make sure the drying time isn’t much.


Coverage refers to the area that the spray can cover in a single go.

If the coverage is too little, it can be very hard and time taking to spray paint your objects, while if it is vast, the spray paint won’t be much accurate.

So, you need to have a good trade-off here and make sure you buy what suits you. If you want accuracy and your projects aren’t huge, go for less coverage and vice versa.


While some spray paints put more emphasis on the appearance, some are more inclined towards providing you a durable finishing, which will last for a long time.

They also increase the life of the material and make it corrosion and rust-resistant. So, if the object is to be used outdoor, make sure the paint is chip and corrosion-resistant.

However, if the project is indoors, it won’t matter much.


There are two types of significant kinds of paints; one type provides more of a shiny outlook while some are good at providing a dull look.

It depends on your personal preference what you want. A shimmery look is great if you want to show the object off, while dull ones are better for things such as bicycles.

So, make sure you know your project and then choose the paint according to that.

Ease of Use

Even if the spray paint is great, it won’t be useful for you if it comes in a crappy can.

Always put preference on getting a good quality canned paint with a good nozzle, making it easy to spray.

Low-quality nozzles might go bad in a short time, making the rest of the spray paint useless for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s see some of the most frequently asked questions by beginners and answer them:

Is Rose gold real gold?

No, rose gold is a blend of 24 karat gold, copper, and silver.

Can you spray paint stainless steel gold?

Yes, you can spray paint stainless steel gold easily if it’s not polished. If it is, use a sandblaster on it first before spray painting.

What color looks good with gold?

While it’s more of a personal preference question, but there are certain colors such as blue, pink, purple, black, and white, which are suitable for it.

Can you spray paint wood gold?

Yes, you can easily achieve this by spray paint metallic gold.

Which paints are best to use on metal?

While oil paints can also be used, acrylic ones are considered the best for metallic surfaces.

How long does gold plating last?

It depends upon the brand and product you are using, but on average, it will last up to 2 years.


Gold spray paints are quite useful for giving a new life to surfaces that have gone old or are damaged over time.

Not only this spray paint provides a new look to the body, but it also installs a new protective layer on top of them, which provides durability.

In the article, we have talked about the best gold spray paints available along with their key points.

Make sure you go through them all to find the most suitable one for yourself according to your requirements.

Also, if you’re unsure of what you want, go through the buyer’s guide once to make your mind.

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