12 Best Fruit Bowls Reviews 2022 | Unique and Modern Bowls

Most of us struggle in storing fruits in the kitchen because we don’t use fruit bowls. Most of us don’t even know these things exist.

But what we should know that adding small items to the kitchen can bring all the change that we need. The best fruit bowls can change the way you store everyday fruits.

Modern fruit bowls are one of the essential elements of every kitchen. They play a big role in storing seasonal fruits that we purchase throughout the year. Also, these fruit bowls help in keeping your fruit fresh and tidy.

Having a large and unique fruit bowl can help you keep your fruits and even vegetables organized. You can save a lot of space by adding these to your kitchen.

Also with the fruit bowl and the colorful fresh fruits, you can change the outlook of your kitchen and the counter.

So now all you need to know is how to buy the fruit bowl that will compliment your kitchen. After that, we have also provided reviews on the best selling fruit bowls from which you can choose the right one for yourself.

Top 12 Fruit Bowls Reviews

Now that you are ready to buy the best-selling fruit bowl for your kitchen or living room, you can go through the twelve unique and modern fruit bowls we have shortlisted from a sea of fruit bowls available in the market.

Our reviews have always helped readers to select the best products for themselves.

Here we have the best fruit bowls with their reviews listed below, you can pick the right one for yourself and enjoy.

1. SimpleHouseware Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger

This fruit bowl is designed to complement your kitchen in a great way. The classic bronze coating adds a classic touch to its appearance.

The fruit bowl is made of steel making it long-lasting and highly durable. It weighs only 15.8 ounces and can hold various sized fruits.

The hanger on top is removable and has the capability to hang bananas and grapes.

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  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Removable hanger for multipurpose


  • Small in size

2. Landtom® Creative Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl

The Landtom Fruit bowl is a designer fruit bowl made for homes with modern interior. This fruit bowl is made of stainless steel and the creative rotation style gives it a modern look.

It comes with a free orange peeler that will help you in quickly peeling your oranges.

The stainless steel material gives it durability, long life, and a decent finish. The rotation opens up itself to create a 15” diameter and 10” height.

It can easily fold as well when not in use. The open design lets air pass through and keeps the fruits fresh.

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  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Rotation design


  • Small in size

3. Dorotea Hand Painted Small Fruit Bowl

These natures inspired, hand-painted Dortea small fruit bowls will let you store multiple types of fruits in small different bowls at once.

This set of four assorted fruit bowls come in four different colors; yellow, blue, red and green.

They are crafted from high-quality stoneware with each bowl measuring the 5.25-inch diameter.

They are hand-painted using lead-free glazes so just ignore little imperfections in the glaze.

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  • Set of four
  • Lightweight
  • Made of stoneware


  • Less durable
  • Expensive
  • No airspace

4. Tuscan Collection Deluxe Hand-Painted Fruit Bowl

The Tuscan fruit bowl can be a beautiful addition to your living room or kitchen. The bowl is handcrafted and hand-painted making a stunning impact in your kitchen.

It’s made of ceramic and made by expert craftsmen. The bowl measures 6.75 inches high and 11 inches in diameter. It has enough space to store an ample amount of fruit.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight


  • Less durable
  • No airspace

5. Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl

The Lipper International fruit bowl is one of the most elegant and decent waves styled fruit bowl that will compliment your kitchen in the best way possible.

It’s made of the finest acacia wood which has a long and strong life. The fruit bowl is large enough to hold a lot of fruits of different sizes.

The pure wood finish gives it a beautiful and eye-catching appearance as well. This easy to care for fruit bowl can be washed with hands only. It measures around one foot in diameter and 7 in height.

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  • Highly durable
  • Easy care
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Acacia Wood
  • Large
  • Can be used for serving salads as well.


  • No airspace

6. Sweese 1113 Porcelain Fluted Bowls

The Sweese Porcelain fluted bowls are multipurpose bowls that can be used for not only holding fruits but also for soups, cereal, ice cream, and salad. The set of six bowls have a unique design and cold assorted colors.

The fluted design enables them to hold hot or cold items in your hand. These bowls provide a lot of conveniences and add a stylish touch to brighten up your morning.

The bowls are made of pro-grade porcelain and are dishwasher safe.

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  • Multipurpose
  • Easy care
  • Lightweight


  • Not for holding large amounts of fruit

7. Spectrum Diversified Scroll Fruit Bowl

The spectrum fruit bowl is another steel fruit bowl we added to our list. The elegant scroll design and black finish give it a unique look.

The sturdy ball feet make it safe for any surface and also the fruit bowl is highly durable.

It can hold ample amounts of fruit inside it. The fruit bowl is available in two different finish; plain black and hammered bronze.

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  • Durable
  • Easy care
  • Lightweight


  • No fruit hanging option

8. 3 Tier Triple Hammock Fruit Basket Rack

The 3-tier Gunmetal Gray triple hammock fruit basket is perfect for saving space and holding large amounts of fruit easily. You can display your fruit in an artistic manner in 3 different levels.

This hammock design rack is made of metal and can be a perfect gift for occasions like housewarming, weddings and birthdays.

The fruit basket provides great air circulation to keep your fruits fresh for a longer time period.

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  • Durable
  • Easy care
  • Lightweight
  • Good storage space


  • Not much to say

9. BINO Chrome Fruit Basket

The Bino fruit basket is really the right choice for your daily use of fruits. If you are a real fruit lover, then this chrome finished fruit basket can be a perfect choice.

It has wide space that can hold enough fruits and also allows you to stockpile your fruits on one another.

The basket is durable as it is made out of steel that is chrome plated to avoid rust due to water.

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  • Durable
  • Easy care
  • Lightweight
  • Good storage space


  • Not much to say

10. Spectrum Diversified Ellipse Fruit Stand

Another fruit bowl or basket that has a banana hanger attached to it has made it to our list of the best fruit bowls.

This spectrum fruit stand has an open design that helps fruits and vegetables to ripen evenly.

The hanger keeps bananas off the counter to prevent them from bruising. The high steel construction makes it durable and long-lasting.

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  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Air circulation
  • Banana or grape hanger


  • Not much to say

11. Lenox Butterfly Meadow Colors Fruit Dishes

The Lenox offers you a set of four fruit dishes that are perfect for the family. Crafted in Lenox fine porcelain, these dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe.

The meadow colors and butterfly add a beautiful touch to these dishes.

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  • Durable
  • Beautiful design
  • Set of four


  • Not for storing

12. Tuscan Sunshine Country Rooster Hand Painted collection

We couldn’t miss this one due to its extremely beautiful design and the painting. The sunshine rooster will brighten up your mornings.

Tuscan fruit bowls are hand-painted just like this one. This makes a fantastic item for your kitchen and is a great bowl for storing fruits and vegetables adding a simple touch of elegance.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Great for storing bigger fruits
  • Large size


  • Nothing much to say.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best fruit bowls can bring life to your kitchen.  Just imagine how the seasonal ripe fruits will look when they are attractively packaged in your new bowl.

Also, these fruit bowls come in handy when you want to store the fruits in the refrigerator as well.

So use the best fruit bowls to as an eye-catching centerpiece for your dining room or living room. A fruit bowl is another way to encourage a healthy habit of eating healthy snacks throughout the day.

Let’s look at the things one must know before buying the best fruit bowl for their home.


Price is always the most dominant factor in every purchase decision we make. The price of a fruit bowl is dependent on the materials used and the built quality of the fruit bowl.

Prices also vary from brand to brand. The complexity of the design can define the price of the fruit bowl as well. Some modern fruit bowls are made and carved from marble, others may be built from steel, plastic or wood.

A marble fruit bowl is a little expensive than the one made of steel. What’s good to know is that the market is full of a variety of dainty, classic, and elegant fruit bowls for you to choose from. So don’t worry about the price, it will range from around $10 to $100 (more or less).


We want you to get the best fruit bowl for yourself and also get the utmost satisfaction by using it. For this, you need to put in a little attention to certain details before buying a fruit bowl.

Since there are many options to choose from, the chances of getting the wrong one are high. So be sure to look out for features we have listed below:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Style
  • Finish
  • Maintenance

Design and Construction

Normally, we think that the design element is the look and style of the object. This is not the case; the design is the way the object is built and how much convenience it will provide the user.

A fruit bowl is an open vessel that can hole fruits off counters and tabletops. The purpose of a fruit bowl is to arrange the fruits in an attractive manner. The weight of these depends on the material it’s made of.

There are different types of bowls that hold different amounts of fruits in them. Some are deep and wide holding a lot of fruit and others are built to carry less.

Some bowls have hooks that carry bananas above the bowl. Such fruit bowls help in facilitating their ripening in a natural and bruise-free manner.


The purpose of buying a fruit bowl is simple and straightforward; store and hold fruits properly. So if you buy a fruit bowl that does not serve the core purpose then it’s of no use.

A fruit bowl that damages the fruit you store in it can be a lot dissatisfying. But if you leave fruit in the fruit bowl for more than three days, it will not be good to eat.

The fruit is super perishable so make sure this does not happen. If your family is a fruit lover, you should opt for buying a large fruit bowl that can store enough fruit for the family.

Maybe you can buy two same fruit bowls and store different fruits on each, just an idea!


Everything you buy requires care and maintenance. Unique fruit bowls require care as well and this is something you need to see before buying.

Some fruit bowls might not require a lot of care and will be good to go with only a wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning, others may require more care like washing the, with soapy water and drying them properly.

Fruits can secrete fluids that can make a mess in your bowl, so you need to clean than before refilling new fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fruit bowls healthy?

Yes, fruit bowls are very healthy when they are fresh.

They have a lot of nutrients in them. They contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, and healthy fats. They have natural sugar in them, which doesn’t harm your body; in fact, it’s really necessary to have fruits every day.

Fruit not only helps to keep you hydrated but also keeps you fresh. Mostly the people who eat a lot of fruit has fresh skin and glowing face.

What fruit can go together in a single bowl?

A fresh fruit bowl gives beauty to your center table and is also healthy for your body.

Here are some fruits you can mix to make a delicious fruit bowl:

Like a pomegranate, apples, pineapples, pears, blueberries, common fig, plums, bananas, grapes, strawberries, and many more.

Sweet fruits and sub acidic fruit go well with each other.

Is it OK to store fruit in a metal bowl?

No, it’s not fine to keep the fruits in a metal bowl because some fruits like tomatoes, pineapples, and apples have acids in them which can react with few metals like aluminum.

This reaction releases toxic metal oxides and compounds which are very harmful to you.

How do you keep fruit bowls fresh?

Keeping the fruit fresh is very important. To keep the fruit fresh, you should keep it in a bowl where air can circulate easily, even under the fruits.

It’s best to choose ceramic or wire mesh bowls, instead of plastic or metal nor mesh bowls, because they will make the fruit sweat or even worse.

Don’t wash the fruits again and again but remember to wash the bowl once a week and dry it before putting the fruits.

A clean bowl that allows good ventilation is necessary for fruits.

What fruits should not be mixed?

Not all fruits go well together. There are some fruits you shouldn’t mix.

Acidic fruits shouldn’t be mixed with sweet fruits, like grapefruits, oranges, sour apples, and pomegranates don’t pair well with sweet fruits like banana, figs, plums, and dates.

Also, avoid mixing your watermelon and honeydew with other fruits.

What fruits should not go in a fridge?

There are some fruits which shouldn’t be stored together because they can lose their flavor and also their juicy texture.

Like avocado, apples, bananas, citrus fruits, plus berries and peaches should be stored out of the fridge to be juicy and fresh.

But you can always refrigerate those 20 to 30 minutes before eating.

Can Bananas and apples be stored together?

No, bananas and apple cannot be stored together because they are not a good pair as they release a lot of ethylene which will cause them to ripen up more quickly as they would on their own.

To keep them fresh and juicy, you need to keep them separately.

How do you keep fruit from rotting?

The simple answer to this question is by providing the conditions any certain fruit would want.

For instance, a banana requires to be placed at a cool, dry place. And an apple requires to be refrigerated. When you provide the condition that fruit wants, it will stay fresh.

In coming questions, we have answered this question, “what’s the best way to keep fruit fresh?” You will get an idea of how to keep that certain fruit fresh and prevent from rotting.

Why does my fruit go bad so quickly?

It entirely depends on how you keep your fruit?

In the previous question, we have discussed how to keep fruit fresh longer.

If you are not providing a certain fruit the required condition, it will go bad quickly. They need to have their conditions to stay fresh and edible.

What’s the best way to keep fruit fresh?

Each fruit has different requirements. Some need to be placed at a cool, dry place while some at room temperature whereas some needs to be refrigerated.

  • Banana, lemon, and lime should be placed in a close dry place. This is the best condition to keep them fresh.
  • Apples must be refrigerated. They soften ten times faster at room temperature. It is best for their freshened s to keep them in a refrigerator.
  • Mangoes, peaches, and pears can be kept at room temperature. They are completely fresh their till their natural period.

Should you refrigerate oranges?

Oranges don’t need to be refrigerated. They can live up to a week in room temperature.

Some can survive even longer. But if you have enough space in the refrigerator, you can put them inside. This can slightly increase the life of oranges.

After ripping the cover off, they should immediately be refrigerated to stay fresh. Otherwise, all juice will be lost.

Will fruit salad keep overnight?

Fruit Salad consists of fruit in pieces. It is hard to preserve it for a long time as cut fruit gets brown in no time. But you can keep it for one night.

One way is to keep it in the fridge with a plastic sheet covering it. The temperature in the fridge kills all bacteria and does not allow any gas to enter.

Another way is to put it in a vacuum box to avoid any gas’s contact.

How do you keep fruit fresh longer after cutting?

You may have noticed that fruit gets brown after you leave it cut. A lot of science is involved in it which we will not discuss as you are not here for that.

Whatever the science behind it is, you are here for the solution.

What to do when the fruit has been cut?

You cannot preserve it for a very long time before it turns brown, but there are some ways to keep it fresh for a little period.

You can dip it in the saltwater to prevent it from browning, or you can even brush it with lemon juice.


The market is loaded with a variety of great fruit bowls but the twelve we have listed are definitely the best selling fruit bowls that are unique and modern.

We have done all the information search for your purchase decision, now you just have to pick the right one for yourself and add it to your kitchen.

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