5 Best Espresso Coffee Beans 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Espresso Beans are finely ground coffee beans used to make Espresso, which is brewed by the force of hot boiling water under high pressure.

Espresso beans are roasted and longer than regular coffee beans so that the oil is brought to the surface of the beans.

These beans are very much different from coffee beans. There is no plant that grown Espresso beans, the beans used are the blend of different or one type of coffee beans.

These beans are roasted differently from the regular coffee beans to give the Espresso, its unique taste that is its thickness and the cream or foam.

The Espresso Beans are roasted till they get oily and darker the regular coffee beans The Espresso Bean Coffee has three parts: the lower darker part is known as the ‘Heart,’ the middle part is known as ‘body’ and the topmost frothy layer is called ‘crema.’

Top 5 Espresso Coffee Beans

1. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans are dark roasted and high quality delicious whole coffee beans. This is best for Espresso, as it needs dark roasted beans.

These are freshly roasted coffee beans which 100% genuine Arabic Coffee beans. These coffee beans are in high demand due to its artisanal quality coffee.

The coffee beans are the whole bean that has the best aroma and flavor among other coffee beans.

This coffee is both, a fair trade product and organically sourced. The bold and smooth flavour of these is guaranteed to the customers with no unpleasant bitterness or acidity.

This coffee works best for the morning coffee for those who need a kick to start the day. These beans are imported from different locations, and they are not roasted till they reach the hands of experienced professional roasters in Florida.

The coffee beans are packed in resealable bags to keep the beans fresh from the first day until the bag gets empty.

When you grind these beans for making Espresso, you will feel an exceptional coffee experience.

These beans can be used for the Drip coffeemaker, French Press, and Espresso machines to provide you with the quality of the cup.

They have a great aroma while whole, ground, or while brewing and can wake up you from your bed, just to the pleasant smell of this gourmet coffee.

The coffee has got the flavor of Robust that mainly comes with the blend of Guatemalan, Columbian, and Sumatran Beans by the coffee experts.

If you want a high-quality, artisanal, or gourmet coffee experience and looking for a coffee that is more than your everyday cup, then you should go for Coffee Kult Coffee Beans. These Coffee Beans are available in two and five pounds bags.

2. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean

Lavazza Super Crema Whole bean Espresso roast is the blend of unwashed Arabic and washer Robusta beans that are grown in the country such as Central America, Brazil, and Indonesia. These beans have a great flavour, creamy layer, and delicious aroma.

The Super Cream whole bean gives you a flavour of a high-quality Italian coffee by its smokiness touch.

The coffee has high crema levels and offers you milk designing for your lattes and cappuccinos. These beans are very fresh and are of high quality.

The coffee beans are good for the Espresso, but it is a bad choice for the drip coffee. The flavor of the coffee of these beans is good but not the best.

These beans have an earthy flavor and have a low touch of chocolate and caramel taste. The Coffee made from Lavazza Super Crema the whole bean is a good choice for the flavoring with vanilla and cocoa.

The coffee will taste better if milk is taken in more quantity otherwise the coffee will taste as you are drinking water.

Originally, these coffee beans blend was made for the Cortado (a simple beverage made by the Espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk).

This coffee will produce great amounts of crema for your latte art and provide you with perfect crema right from the first bean to the last bean if you store it in an airtight container.

Overall, I recommend this imported Italian coffee having an interesting flavor and the thick crema layer that will provide you with the best latte art at a good reasonable price.

3. Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee is a product of a Canadian company. The coffee is also known by the name of Kicking Horse Cliff Hanger Espresso due to its blend created for Espresso lovers.

These beans are medium roasted, and their blends are originated from three continents; Asia, Africa, and America.

The Africa beans are famous for the fruity tones and lower down the overall acidity of the blend. The main body of the blend comes from the Indonesian originated beans.

The coffee beans provide less crema volume which is not suitable for latte art. Moreover, this coffee focuses on the body and taste.

You will love its Espresso taste that gives a bright start, continued by fruity and cocoa tones and finished with a thick caramel taste.

The coffee beans provide you with a smooth Espresso taste with no bitterness or burnt taste like the Starbuck beans. It’s a strong coffee and perfect for kicking start in the morning.

These coffee beans are better made by the Turkish coffee brewing method but it’s not specific, you can use any brewing method for making your coffee.

These kinds of beans are the best for the grinder machines as they are on the oily side. The beans should not be used for automatic Espresso machines as the oily beans may block the grinder blades.

You have to adjust the grinding size as these beans are a little bit denser than the average beans and smaller in the size as compared to other Espresso beans blends.

By the grinder size adjustment, you will get a high-quality taste with the most crema.

Overall, Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee provides you with a rich taste and a delicious aroma. One you will try these beans; I am sure will not go for any other beans in the future.

4. Coffee Bean Direct Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee Bean Direct Espresso Whole Bean Coffee is very popular in the online sale of coffee beans. These whole beans are strong dark roasted beans that are very bitter in the taste.

The caffeine content in the coffee is enough to wake up you in the morning. These beans provide you with a better cup of coffee instead of going to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

The coffee has a tropical blend of caramel, vanilla, and Café Maria alcoholic beverage flavor and is very fantastic to taste.

These coffee beans are suitable for people who like smooth, fruity, and sweet taste in their coffee. The coffee has a smooth body and medium acidity which perfect for a hot espresso or even for the iced coffee.

The Italian blend of the coffee beans has a heavy body and rich dark roasted outer covering.  These coffee beans blends are originated from South America and India.

These beans are dark roasted Italian blend which is very oily and black in color appearance.

Due to the oily touch, these are like by the grinders as it makes the grinding easily fine. These beans are oily and cannot be used in the automatic Espresso machine which can block any of the internal pipes and causes damage to the machine.

The coffee beans provide you with a delicious coffee having a mellow and earthy flavour. These blends of the beans are perfect for you providing a soothing experience while drinking the coffee.

Overall, coffee is one of the best choices for choosing Espresso as it made from a dark roasted blend of beans.

The Coffee Bean Direct Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Bags are present in 4 packages by weight is 1 pound, 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, and 25 pounds so that you can choose the required quantity of beans.

5. The Bean Coffee Company Organic Espresso Whole Bean

The Bean Coffee Company’s Organic Espresso Whole Bean is a freshly European style roasted premium beans.

These beans provide Espresso coffee with the best taste and crema. The beans are dark roasted that are in rich in antioxidants and have a heavy body with a smooth finish on the outer part.

Bean Coffee company’s beans are 100% genuine Arabic organic coffee which is freshly prepared.

These organic coffee beans are prepared by hand roasting that took place in small batches and packed well so to preserve it’s freshly roasted quality.

The company is famous for providing the customer with the best quality coffee beans.

The beans of this organic whole bean are rich in quality and have a delicious aroma with smooth and bold chocolaty flavour.

The bean has got everything that you need in a hot or cold coffee to have the best drinking experience. The coffee will turn you into a fanatic from the first sip of the coffee to the last drop.

These ground beans are prepared organically, so lots of peoples are attracted to this product as few companies are left that provide the customer with organically prepared beans.

This company guarantees the customer that all the processing is done naturally, and no chemical or alcohol is used.

The best part of this Organic Espresso Whole Bean is that they are hand-roasted, and there is no use of machines during roasting.

Coffee beans will stay fresh from the first cup to the last cup of the coffee if keep in an airtight container.

Overall, this is the best choice for having Espresso and has a rich quality of blended beans that are hand-roasted. If you want to have the best coffee drinking experience, give a try to this product.

How to Pick The Best Espresso Beans

An expensive Espresso machine can’t make high-quality coffee; it directly depends on the quality of the Espresso Beans used.

If you use bad quality beans, then the machine can’t fix this and provide you with a regular or low-quality Espresso. The following are the things you should consider before buying Espresso Beans:

Select Right Type of Bean

Milds are the Arabic beans from the plants grown at high altitudes. These are the best beans for high-quality Espresso. Brazil and Robusta beans are not good beans for the Espresso.


The Coffee beans are divided into five categories by their roasting:

  • Light/Cinnamon Roast
  • House/Medium/American Roast
  • Dark/City Medium Roast
  • French/City Roast
  • Espresso/Italian/Full City/Very Dark Roast

The best Beans are Italian or very dark roasted, which are typically considered best for the Espresso.


Most of the Espresso is made from a blend of different coffees like cheap coffee is blended with good coffee beans to create the best Espresso beans at a lower cost.

You should check the right type of blend for the best Espresso taste required.

Final Verdict

Many companies are providing you with different types of coffee beans products. Most of the coffee brew is made from either Arabic bean or a blend of many beans or the Robusta beans.

The Arabic and Robusta are further divided into different categories by the aroma, appearance, and taste they provide.

The dark roasted beans are considered best for the Espresso but the question ‘which is the best whole beans for the Espresso?’ will be debated for many years as there is a vast variety of coffee beans in flavour and aromas but according to me, the best beans products for the Espresso are displayed above.

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