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Pruning shears are also called hand pruners because gardeners use them for plants.

Best Electric Pruning ShearsThese pruners are strong enough to tackle even the hardest branches of trees and shrubs, sometimes up to 2 centimetres thick.

Gardening best electronic pruning shears are used to cut, clean, remove and trim any unwanted branches and weeds for your garden to look neat and clean.

You can even give shape to different bushes and safely cut thorny flowers such as roses and remove damaged foliage.

Whatever purpose you want pruning shears for, these will do the job tremendously and give amazing results, but for that, you will require the best pruning shears in the market.

You will have to look into certain factors before purchasing a pruning shear for your daily gardening, and for that, we have outlined some important points in the buyer’s guide, so continue reading to find out.

Buyer’s Guide

Gardening is a special skill to learn, and for that, you need good quality tools as well. To get the best electric pruning shears, you need to consider some points if you are a new buyer.

Without any further ado, let’s get on with those factors:


The sharpening quality of pruning shears is the most important factor because you can’t even cut a stem without a proper sharp blade.

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you can’t work with an average pruning shear, so make sure you invest in a product that will give you the best results as well.

Gardening pruners that are manufactured of top quality materials have nice razor-sharp blades that can easily be adjusted and work like magic.

These sharp pruning shears should be on top of your list the next time you go out to purchase gardening tools.

Right Model

Choosing and purchasing the right model is also very essential. It can make your gardening strategies less intimidating, and the tasks can be easily fulfilled as well.

This way, your plants will stay happy, and you will be safe from any injury as well because good quality products always have safety measures with them or safety standards.

They should also come with replacement parts if you get a faulty part or if it’s damaged so you can avail of something from the money you spent.


When going out in the market to purchase a pruning shear, you might have to consider the fact that there are certain types of pruning shears out there.

One of them is known as the crosscut secateurs, in which the blades slide past one another, and it is used for pruning live stems for sharp cuts.

The second one is known as the anvil secateurs that are the greatest tools for dead branches that are more damaged than usual stems and branches.

Top 15 Electric Pruning Shears Reviews

So we have selected the top 15 pruning shears available in the market for you to purchase.

This review will comprise of product descriptions and pros-cons of each product dutifully.

You will be able to get a know-how of each product in detail so you can select the one which suits your needs best. Here is the review:

1. KOMOK Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

Talk about strength and delicacy; this product will be the first thing you’ll find. KOMOK electric shears have an SK5 alloy steel build, which has a quite sharp edge for detailed cuts.

These work of art shears, which can easily be sharpened by a knife stone, will work wonders on branches without even getting yourself hurt.

The device is perfectly safe, and the company has made sure of it by adding a safety cutting mode, which will make the blade stop working as soon as it gets in contact with your fingers.

It comes with a very strong and retrievable battery, which offers a good functional time of 7-8 hours with a very fast charging of 1.5 hours.

This pruner is safe, reliable, efficient, and durable- what else can you possibly look for in a product?

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  • Sharp edge
  • Safety mode
  • Powerful battery
  • Good work time


  • It doesn’t come with lubricating oil
  • Not pocket-friendly

2. Zenport EP3 Epuner

Zen port is a very trusted producer of power tools and home improvement items with a huge customer base.

The EP3 Epruner is your dream electric pruner with a marvelous battery timing, which features a 14-hours, 4.4 Ah, 36V lithium-ion base.

With this, you’re getting a total of 17000 continuous pruning cuts plus two push buttons cutting capacity options.

EP3 is ultra-lightweight and a very sharp working blade made of SK5 Japanese steel.

The blade is of high quality with durable hardness. Epruner is very convenient to use, and there is also an impact-resistant carrying case for keeping the tools in check.

It also comes with a toolkit for time to time maintenance. This versatile electric pruner is everything you’ve been looking for.

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  • Good work time
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Maintenance toolbox


  • Holster not shaped to fit

3. RYOBI Pruning Shears

RYOBI has been a leading maker of amazing home accessories in recent years.

They offer you’re the best and the most efficient builds. This pruning shear is an example in itself being very lightweight and easily portable.

Weighing for only up to a hundred grams, the specifications bag a good 100V AC supply with a standard charging time depending upon battery and temperature- almost 60 minutes in snowy weather.

The package covers a blade, blade cover, and a charger.

With a cutting intricacy of up to 12mm, this will make your work have a brand-new charm!

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  • Portable
  • Good cutting capacity
  • Standard charge time
  • It comes with accessories


  • Blades can dull out quickly
  • No English translations

4. Serenlife Battery Grasscutter

This is a very heavy-duty pruner specifically made in order to be used outdoors and endure a long time of use. It has a strongly engineered ABS construction.

The glass hand trimmer has a very convenient grip and effortless one-handed use. There is a peculiar ‘glide cut’ technology that makes it even more desirable.

Be it clearing leaves and debris from sidewalk or decks, garages, and sideways- this powerful trimmer will best all.

You’ll surely be in love with this beauty on the very first encounter.

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  • Heavy-duty construction
  • They are frequently used
  • Clears everything
  • Comfortable grip


  • Uneasy charging
  • Fragile

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Pruner

Scotts never disappoints in terms of quality and efficiency. The outdoor power pruner is powered by a 7.2V lithium-ion battery giving an astounding 800 cuts for a single charge.

Just hold down the dual pull safety trigger and let the device take care of the rest.

It is best suited for wild and thorny plants such as roses, bushes, woody stems, and branches.

The design is very ergonomic and is very effective in reducing fatigue and providing harmless work experience.

This durable and user-acquainted pruner will make your life all easy and efficient, giving you a sense of calm and serenity.

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  • Cordless
  • Good cutting capacity
  • For all wild plants
  • Effective design


  • Slow speed
  • Charger not included in the package

6. Snow Joe Cordless Grass Shear

The Snow Joe cordless grass shear has a 7.2 volts long-lasting battery, which allows you to have a non-monotonous cordless operation.

The device starts with the blink of an eye and starts shearing on the shrubs exceptionally comfortably. Its battery is rechargeable and saves you the trouble of gas, tune-ups, lubrication, etc.

This safe and reliable pruner is one of the top picks available in the market, which you need to get your hands on quickly!

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  • Hassle-free function
  • Maintenance-free
  • Safe and secure
  • Durable battery


  • The cutting bar is not sturdy
  • Uneasy adjustment of clippers

7. Black Decker Lopper Chain Saw

Black Decker lopper chain saw is a very sharp and reliable cutter, ideal for working on tree branches of up to 4 inches diameter. There is a 4.5-amp electric chain saw, which is very heavy-duty.

This is very useful for cutting large branches into more manageable pieces.

The motor is very powerful. It has fast cutting and innovative clamping grab jaws, which allow easy motion cutting.

There is also a heavy-duty cutting bar and chain for delivering fast cutting of thick branches and logs.

You will really like this device for it is very lightweight. Lubricating oil is also included for smooth functioning.

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  • Good cutting capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Fast function
  • Lightweight


  • Clogging problem
  • Chain pops off

8. Walmeck 3.6V Home Garden Pruning Shear

The Walmeck home garden pruning shear is a very sleek steel blade design with a capability of cutting softwood of up to 12mm diameter and hardwood of about 9mm diameter.

You just have to press the safety trigger and the on/off button in order to make it work.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. The ergonomic design is slip-free and comfortable- every man’s dream!

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  • Keen blade
  • Good cutting capacity
  • Portable
  • Comfortable handling


  • A little expensive

9. Power Drive Hand Pruning Shears

This electric pruning shear is unique and innovative, which gives it a lead on its competitors. There is a special setting that manifolds your hand strength, so you don’t have to put any extra effort.

It is a very heavy-duty device that cuts through far thicker branches than conventional shears. The pruner goes easy on your hands, working like a rachet and not dulling out.

Anvil pruners have on sharp blade centered around an anvil. This is ideal for people who face difficulty in heavy gardening operations.

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  • More power
  • Good cutting capacity
  • Comfortable grip
  • Ideal for all


  • Lock doesn’t work
  • Hard to open

10. BAIDELE Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

BAIDELE cordless electric pruner is a complete luxury bagging a cordless pruner, batteries, spare blades, charger, and a storage box to top that.

The service life for this tool is 3 to 5 times more than a normal one. The batteries have a strong life span of 7 hours with a single charging attempt.

This versatile pruner can be used in all kinds of operations like gardening, park maintenance, farm work, etc.

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  • Cordless
  • It comes with accessories
  • Brushless motor
  • Wide applications


  • Expensive

11. Pbzydu Cordless Electric Pruning Shears

The Pbzydu cordless electric pruner has a cutting capacity of 25mm. It has a very durable steel blade and efficient functioning.

This pruner is capable of working on any plant like flowers, fruit trees, berry plants, and shrubs.

The design is cordless and very convenient. Its handle is non-slip and an easy to use trigger switch option makes it much more efficient.

It has a perfect compact size and lightweight, which will surely catch your attention. You ought to try this one!

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  • Good cutting diameter
  • Wide applications
  • Improved work time
  • Effective switch operation


  • None

12. Pbzydu Professional Tree Branch Pruners

This is yet another masterpiece from Pbzydu.

The professional tree branch pruners are very efficiently designed and made to deliver maximum performance and efficiency.

There’s a unique feature of step-less speed control, which helps manage your time and performance in an ergonomic way.

The comfortable handle enables one-hand operation, which provides ease in operation.

There are lithium-ion batteries that last for a long time, and the hard blades can easily cut into carbon, steel, etc.

The customer experience provided by the firm is extraordinary, and all types of replacements are possible. This is a very great deal, indeed!

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  • Professional
  • Step-less speed
  • One-hand operation
  • High hardness


  • None

13. Kun-ting Electric Pruning Shears

Kun-ting is an amazing provider of home appliances and other power tools. The electric pruning shear is a state-of-the-art pruner that is very professionally made.

These pruners will help you maintain your home garden and serve your passion for creating and innovating.

There is also a dual trigger start switch to help prevent consequences due to errors.

Safe and accurate trimming is promised with the low light illumination of the LED provided with the package.

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  • Portable
  • Wide applications
  • Dual-trigger switch
  • Led lighting


  • Not durable enough

14. ML&SL Electric Pruning Shears

ML&SL electric pruners are very reliable and powerful tools.

This model has a great work time of around 8 hours with a single charge of 60 minutes.

The heavy-duty tool can cut through 14mm and has a safety design to avoid any injuries.

In order to make accurate cuts in the dark, an LED light is also added to the package.

This versatile pruner has widespread use, including gardening, maintenance of vineyard, fruit trees, etc.

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  • Good work time
  • Good cutting capacity
  • Safe use
  • Led lighting


  • Not durable enough

15. Epinglu Electric Pruning Shears

Epinglu Epruners is an ideal design that comes with a baggage of efficiency and power.

The light-weight compact tool makes it easy to carry it around, and the tasks are easily performed.

They have an amazing work time of 8 hours with one full charge while the blade is sharp enough to cut even the thickest branches. The blade is specially made from SK5 German blade which is very durable.

With a strong power storage capacity and heavy-duty blade, which can cut through many surfaces from branches to harder materials, this long-lasting product will add many colors to your previously dull tasks and make you fall in love with it eventually.

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  • Lightweight
  • Continuous work time
  • Durable
  • User-friendly


  • High charging voltage
  • Heavy batteries

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ratchet pruners?

Ratchet pruners are easier to use and come with a flat, dull side.

They can cut thicker branches and have a sharp blade for cutting.

How do you sharpen garden shears?

You can easily sharpen garden shears with a knife stone.

Can you cut grass with hedge shears?

Yes, they can quickly and effectively cut grass and also let you cut grass without having to make rapid motions.

What should I use to clean pruning shears?

You can use wool to buff off.

How do you use secateurs safely?

Secateurs mostly come with a safety mode; otherwise, you should choose one with a safety handle.

Do branches grow back after pruning?

Branches don’t actually grow back after pruning, and it depends upon your technique of pruning actually.

How do you sterilize pruning shears?

TSP products should be diluted to a 10% solution to disinfect the pruning shears.


Here is a complete review and guide on the best electric pruning shears! I hope you enjoyed reading this and the best of luck for your daily gardening.

Purchase one of the products listed above and is assured to use them for a long time.

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