15 Best Digital Pocket Scales Reviews 2022 | Superior Accuracy

Weight and measurement is an essential part of both life and work, respectively.

Best Digital Pocket ScalesWhether it is measuring ingredients for a recipe or checking postage on a parcel for mailing, pocket scales provide an answer for every task.

Simple and fast measuring properties are only available in these digital pocket scales, and if you are looking for the best ones in the market, then you don’t have to look anymore.

Here in this article, we are going to accomplish this mission once and for all, so all the new buyers out there can easily check out the best digital pocket scales and everything they need to know about them before purchasing.

As digital pocket scales have been gaining a lot of popularity recently, people have started appreciating space-saving options offered by these scales.

Additionally, they are pocket-friendly as well. So what else can you ask for? Because these scales are the perfect solution to any weighing tasks, you got.

Read the following buyers guide to know more about them:

Buyer’s Guide

There are some factors to consider before buying a pocket scale, and when you are out and about to shop, you must ask yourself, “what do I require the most?”

There must be a lot of things on your mind, and this buyer’s guide will clear most of the confusion.


The accuracy of a digital pocket scale is the first and foremost factor to look at, and you can’t just invest in a product that doesn’t have a guarantee to give you the exact and correct measurements.

Look for this feature in the product you have placed your trust in and believe it or not you won’t regret it, because this is all you want from a pocket scale in the first place.

Once you do that, you will have a better idea about where to start looking, and with pocket scales, the general and basic rule is the precision of it.


Size of the pocket scale also matters a lot because some manufacturers promise a lightweight and compact sized scale, but when it arrives, it’s certainly not compact or even easy to carry around.

So do look into this feature as well and do not ignore this factor.

Moreover, the weight and size are features that are investigated in all types of products, not just digital scales.


Last but not least is how long the product is going to last. Well, this is also one of the most important things to be considered in handy digital scales.

A product can only serve you well and come up to your requirements if it is durable enough and has a guarantee to last as long as possible.

So you can’t compromise on this feature as well, and as a newbie buyer, you should know that most of the brands don’t provide what they show you, and the product may not last even if it has a warranty.

So do investigate the product and read customer reviews before placing your trust in it.

Top 15 Digital Pocket Scales Reviews

Here we are going to review the top-rated pocket scales available on Amazon for all the interested people out there.

This review will constitute of the product description and pros-cons dutifully, so you can invest in the product with full trust and clear away all the confusion you must have right now.

Without any further ado let us get on with it:

1. Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale

Starting off with the top pick in our charts, the Smart Weigh Digital Pocket Scale has an elite craft for a design!

Weigh anything from gemstones to coins to jewelry. The tare function on this device will allow you to calculate net weight too.

Just subtract the weight of your container and voila!

What I admired the most in this device was tactile and easy to push buttons that come with the LED display. The measurements and weight become a walk in the park to read!

But I’ve noticed a rattling sound that the battery cover makes, which makes me want to deduct a point. The sunlight also seems to disintegrate the reading view, which is a hassle!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Crafted design
  • Portable
  • Wide applications
  • User-friendly


  • Rattling battery cover
  • It doesn’t handle sunlight

2. GreaterGoods Digital Pocket Scales

The follow-up pick in terms of accuracy edge is the GreaterGoods device!

This one has an extremely high-precision sensor that can scale your accurate resolution of mass up to 1.0g. That’s as much as you can expect to form a digital pocket scale that’s offering up to 750 grams of weight coverage!

I’m still torn about the vulnerable exterior, and it’s making me second guess my investment already.

The device is easy to understand and follow as the instruction manual that comes along with it is more than enough to get the hang of all the basic operations.

Some money from your purchase will be donated to charity ensured by GreaterGoods to help survivors! You should look into that too!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High precision sensor
  • Good capacity
  • Easy to read
  • For a good cause


  • Too tiny
  • Fragile exterior

3. Amir Digital Pocket Scales

The Amir Digital Pocket Scales beat even the 1.0g barrier in terms of compact accuracy, but that comes at the cost of a reduced upper limit!

Accuracy and precision of weight determination for this device range from 0.03g to 200g! This is a massive step up from the 1 gram limit established earlier.

Cleaning this device shouldn’t be an issue as the corrosion-free exterior won’t be catching rust anytime soon!

50g calibration weight is included in the package to provide you with easier recalibration. There’s an intelligent indication unit mounted inside, which I’m fond of.

It alerts for low battery and uneven placement on surfaces or overloads. This is a lot to offer if you consider the size the device pertains to!

The device will also shut-down automatically after 180seconds to preserve energy!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High precision
  • Portable
  • Intelligent indication
  • Auto-off sensor


  • Case doesn’t align
  • Unable to zero out

4. Brifit Digital Mini Scale

This Digital mini-scale rendition has the weighing capacity the same as the Amir digital pocket scales, but what the Brifit Digital Scale has, in addition, is the construction of ABS Silicon.

This makes the product a little more reliable than its counterpart. The similarity in features may cause you to think that you’re reading the same description twice, so I’ll just go over it.

The alert system and auto-off system are the same in this one as it is in the Amir Pocket Scale, but this scale has a larger LCD backlight display, which makes the reading easier to read.

The weighing surface of the scale is also protected by the clamshell design!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Solid construction
  • Good weighing capacity
  • Intelligent sensor
  • Compact size


  • Doesn’t hold a tare
  • Not durable enough

5. Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale

The Fuzion digital pocket scale is best described by its out of the box infrastructure and configuration. These incentives have allowed the Fuzion Digital Pocket scales to stay ahead in the tech industry!

Providing a better precision than both the Amir and the Brifit Scales, the lower limit for the Fuzion scales stands at 0.01g. The upper limit is still 200 g, though.

A 50-gram weight for recalibration comes with this device too, so there will be an extra layer of precision in your calculations.

ABS and anti-slip design allow for easier handling, but the instructions could’ve been less complex, in my opinion.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High standards
  • High precision sensors
  • Easy to recalibrate
  • Fast reading
  • Useful function


  • Complex instructions
  • Loose top lid

6. AWS Series Digital Pocket Scales

The AWS Series comes with a backlit LCD display that’s bound to provide you with a better reading in terms of clarity (not accuracy).

The compact size and high precision are parallel features that pack a worthwhile deal when viewed in conjunction with a protective cover.

You might have noticed that I’m mentioning an additional feature for each device that’s different from the others.

This should help you choose what you would like to spend money on, based on your needs.

Similarly, the cleanup is very easy due to the individualistic protective cover.

You might be wondering what could this device possibly lack? Well, here’s what:

There’s no calibration weight inside the device, and the battery replacement is really complex too. That’s pretty much it; the rest are all positives!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Durable
  • Compact size
  • High precision
  • Protective cover
  • Good measuring capacity


  • It doesn’t calibrate
  • Complex battery replacement

7. Digital Precision Gram Scale

The best scale, if you’re talking strictly about precision, is the Digital Precision Gram scale, and this is why:

The scale offers an astonishing coverage of different weights from the lower limit being 0.01 g and the upper limit being 500 grams. There’s no other scale in the market that provides such a unique and ample range.

I dig the while backlight LCD display because it supplements the uniqueness of this device. Clearer reading is an obvious given at this point!

The calibration does not need to be worried about. The device is pre-calibrated, so rest assured, accuracy won’t be an issue.

But the device is itself small and can hence weigh only the smaller materials.

This is your answer to the question of “Why this device isn’t our top pick in this list” because accuracy is definitely not everything!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Highest precision
  • Back-light LCD display
  • Easy to carry
  • High quality


  • Only for small items
  • Fragile exterior

8. AccuWeight Mini Digital Weight Scale

The AccuWeight Mini Digital Weight scale stands out from the crowd in terms of its effective function and convenient usage.

This weight is tailored to fit into smaller pockets to make it easier to carry around regardless of your getup.

The range of weight detection is 0.01g to 300 g for this weight.

This is a decent range, but if you consider the fact that you can’t calibrate the weight without the 100 grams mass, the deal seems to be pretty offsetting.

I won’t set this device as my top recommendation, but it isn’t the worst one out there either. If the small size and 100-gram weight calibration don’t bother you, go for this device!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Pocket size
  • Convenient usage
  • Effective function
  • Wide applications


  • Really tiny
  • Can’t calibrate without 100g mass

9. Homgeek Digital Pocket Scale

The smallest scale reading possible is delivered by none other than the HOMEGEEK Digitial Pocket scale!

Precision is significantly increased in this device, but it comes at the cost of a major reduction in the range of weight detection.

I can’t find a better 0.001 g precision device. The range is now 0.001g to 50g, which means only the smaller, more delicate objects will be covered by this scale.

The LCD will provide a good reading of the measurements too. But, I should probably mention that the casing of the device is not airtight, and it’s a little hard to clean as well!

The automatic shut off for this one is after 60 seconds of inactivity.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High precision
  • Good weighing capacity
  • LCD display
  • Auto-off sensor


  • Hard to clean
  • Not air-tight

10. KEEGH Digital Milligram Pocket Scale

One of the more complex calibrators of weight includes the KEEGH Digital Pocket Scale.

The range is more accurate than any other I’ve mentioned above i.e., from 0.001 g to 100 g, but don’t rush into it.

This comes as a tradeoff to rattling weight plate and complex calibrations!

Different modes in this device offer up to 6 different unit conversions. This should ensure you regarding the complex calibration point that I made above.

Its more suitable for weighing smaller objects such as gold, jewels, and coffee beans!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Professional scaling
  • High precision
  • Wide applications
  • Protected


  • Rattling weight plate
  • Complex calibration

11. Tanita Digital Pocket Scale

The Tanita digital pocket scale is among one of the best pocket scales out there. This is because:

The scale is a high capacity device that comes with a tare weight function.

I’ll mention it once again in case you’re still not clear. The tare weight function recalibrates your weighing device to provide you with the net weight reading of the mass you’re trying to measure.

The 4-digit LCD screen displays clear results, and the device in itself is feather-touch sensitive for measurement!

This is possible because of the electrostatic capacitance load cell.

There’s also a detachable tray with this device so you can clean the area that comes in contact with the weight without having to clean the entire scale!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Portable
  • High-capacity
  • Tare-weight function
  • Feather-touch sensitive


  • None

12. NEWACALOX Digital Pocket Scale

The trademark of the NEWCALOX Digital Pocket scale is the high precision gravity sensors!

Not only does this device have an error range of up to 0.005 g, but it also has the function of counting pcs. The unique features just keep on adding.

The ABS windshield of this device also has an anti-skid tray that will ensure the most precise measurement possible.

I’d say this is a really good pick as the weighing capacity is decent, and the precision is not bad either.

But be mindful, no heavy objects, mainly above 50g, should be weighed on this device. It will just lower the already weak durability of this device!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Tare function
  • Easy Calibration
  • Good weighing capacity
  • High precision


  • Not for heavy things
  • Not durable enough

13. MyWeigh Digital Pocket Scale

MyWeigh Digital Pocket scales marks the first product among the last three in our list. This is why it took so long for it to come up!

Although this company manufactures high-quality parts, the accuracy of 0.1 grams does not seem too attractive at this point unless a massive range is available for measurement.

I was relieved to know that this device has auto-calibration enabled.

The zero error function of this machine is different than the others but in a good way. Instead of being more complex, the producers at MyWeigh have worked into making it easier and less complex to handle!

You can double up the cover to make a large expansion tray for an added layer of protection.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High quality
  • Auto calibration
  • Easy to use
  • Large cover


  • Drifting scale
  • Magnets are not sturdy

14. Hochoice Digital Pocket Scales

Introducing one of the underdog renditions as we approach the end of our list, the Hochoice Digital Pocket Scales!

These come with a weight range of 0.001 grams to 30 grams.

The LCD and the 6 number of readings is something we’ve already come across in the KEEGH digital scale, so nothing new here.

Creative design and the flip cover make this device the most attractive.

This implies that the device will be fragile, and it is. Carry it with care, and it should do what it’s supposed to, to the best of its abilities!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Accurate
  • Good weighing capacity
  • Compact size
  • Wide applications


  • Fragile

15. PGFUN Mini Digital Pocket Scale

For staying in touch with the latest features, all the while keeping ease of access in check, we have for you PGFUN Mini Pocket Scale!

The sensors in this unit offer high precision and unmatched accuracy.

But that’s not what the highlight of this device is. The highlight is the seven modes of reading, allowing you to step into the latest market and development trends.

The compact and easy to carry scales can sometimes prove to be a little too small for comfort! I lose my pennies on a daily basis, but if you can hold on to your stuff, this device is the ultimate pick for you!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Easy use
  • High precision
  • Latest features
  • Easy to carry


  • Really tiny

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my digital scale is accurate?

You can weigh two objects together to match the readings and see if your digital scale is accurate or not.

How do I reset my digital scale?

You can leave the scale without its batteries for 10 minutes and reset it easily.

Then reinsert the batteries and place the scale on a flat surface and press its center with one foot to turn it on.

This way, it will go to 0.0, and you can continue with your weighing.

Are non-digital scales accurate?

Digital scales are considered to be more accurate than non-digital ones because they give more precise readings and easily go to the 0 point.

How do you tell if your scale is broken?

You can weigh two objects together and find out if your scale is giving accurate readings or not; if not, then it is broken or probably not in a proper mode.

Why do digital scales fluctuate?

The reason behind fluctuation is mostly the batteries because digital scales operate with the help of batteries, and the measurements can fluctuate if there is a problem in the batteries.

What does a gram weigh on a digital scale?

A gram weighs 1 gram on a digital scale.

How do you read a digital scale?

It is quite easy to read a digital scale.

First of all, turn it to zero to get the exact readings and then gently place the thing to be measured on the scale.

Until the reading is complete, don’t move the scale around or even touch it.

Then when the reading is there, you can read it and note it down easily.


Now that we are done with the buyer’s guide and product reviews, it is finally time to wrap up this article.

I hope you are fully informed now about the best digital pocket scales of 2020 and that now you can easily pick out the product which can fall into your requirements.

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