9 Best Concrete Nail Guns 2022 | Reviews & Guide

Best Concrete Nail GunsThere is no other tool that can be as efficient and time-saving than a concrete nail gun when it comes to fastening.

This amazing tool sweeps in to save the day when even the most common and versatile tools like hammers and other powder actuated equipment give up on you, which is exactly why I recommend concrete nail guns to be an essential tucked under your tool belt at all times, especially if you perform remodeling jobs regularly.

Whether you’re a home-based DIY’er who likes doing everything on their own or a professional who is always short on time, a concrete nail gun is an option worth considering that would simplify your life in more ways than you think.

It’s time to get you well acquainted with the Best concrete nail guns available in the market.

Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a power tool can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the game. With the various offerings in the market, one is bound to get a headache from all that information overload.

To make things a tad bit less complicated, I assembled a list of need-to-know factors that you must consider to select a concrete nail gun that fulfills your needs best.

The following points should be able to streamline your best options and provide sufficient knowledge for you to figure out the kind of tool you’re looking for.


Concrete nail guns come in three different types, namely: Battery operated, pneumatic, which is powered with the help of an air compressor, and electrical that needs a power outlet with a steady electricity supply to function.

Consider your first step to being deciding which type of nail gun you need according to the nature of your tasks.

If you prefer portability and most of your work is done where the availability of a power outlet is rare, a battery-operated nail gun will be best; however, if you already own an air compressor and mostly work in areas that have outlets, the other two options might prove to be better.


As fastening jobs may require you to move around with a nail gun frequently, its size is an important factor to keep in mind as you may not be able to carry it around much.

The size will also give you an idea of how much storage space it may take in your workshop or tool kit.


One of the key points for consideration as these specialized power tools is a high level of involvement product.

You should carefully consider the materials used to make the tool as it will help with gauging out the long-term usability of the concrete nail gun.

If you’re thinking of investing in this tool for occasional use only then, you may not have to look for premium nail guns as an average one is bound to last you for a good amount of time.


Fastening requires the user to wield the concrete nail gun for long amounts of time, especially if the average duration of your projects tends to stretch out for weeks.

For a comfortable working experience, make sure you test out the weight of the nail gun.

Do keep in mind that most lightweight nail guns aren’t recommended for heavy-duty work; however, you may be able to find exceptions in the market.

Since I’m already on the topic of ease to you, use and comfort are attentive to the design and extra features offered, such as grip handlers and rafters hooks by each product, as they can make your projects significantly pleasant to work on.

9 Top Concrete Nail Guns Reviews

Here’s a list of the elite, concrete nail guns that stand out for their amazing performance, great customer feedback, and distinct features that make them one of the best options available in the market today.

The reviews will help you gain honest information about each product and potential advantages and even flaws that come with it.

1. Freeman PCN65 Concrete Nail Guns

A concrete nailer that is light in weight and can fire up to 400 pins in a single reload thanks to its coil magazine. Ideal for work that requires agility.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to adjust the depth of your nail gun to your liking, you won’t have this problem with the Freeman PCN65 as it allows for depth adjustment.

Most users agree that it shoots well on cement fiberboards, and it’s not surprising because the manufacturers promise that it’s specially designed for this kind of application.

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  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Fast shooting
  • Tough


  • Issues with a double firing
  • O-ring breaks off easily.

2. BOSTITCH MIII812CNCT Concrete Nailer

When it comes to nail guns made by Bostitch, you know you will receive a reliable product of great quality. This particular nail gun is a favorite among professionals primarily because of its heavy-duty usage.

You gain on uncomplicated fastening and installation of wood furring strips into concrete with the help of this tool.

You’re going to love this tool as it’s a pneumatic nail gun, which means that it’s among the most powerful nail guns available.

This product is not just lightweight, but it’s so easy to use. You just need one hand for operation.

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  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty Industrial Usage
  • Easy to use
  • Fast functioning


  • Limited usage
  • Nails bend on impact sometimes.

3. AIR LOCKER CN64A3 Concrete Nailer

Give your arms a well-deserved break with this concrete nail gun is lightweight die-cast housing.

Even though Air Locker is a relatively less popular brand, it does a pretty great job in providing a heavy-duty concrete T- nailer specifically created for wood to concrete and metal applications.

The company has prioritized both functionality and convenience as you see a lot of extra features such as easy side loading and rubber grippers that make your life easy and working enjoyable.

This tool is multipurpose, so once you start using it, you are bound to fall in love with it.

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  • Industrial usage
  • Multiple applications related to the usage of concrete.
  • Easy-grip
  • Light Weight


  • Difficult for tasks that require shooting at an angle
  • Short lifeline

4. Freeman PSSCP Pneumatic Concrete Nailer

This nail gun gives most powder-actuated tools used for concrete a run for their money.

Freeman made sure that its customers gain an experience that is safer, faster, and tougher than most when it comes to fastening wood or thin metals into anything concrete.

The company’s experience speaks for itself once you test out this tool. Home-based DIYers should especially pay attention to this tool and test it out because they will find it incredibly safe and convenient.

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  • Safe
  • Powerful
  • Good Quality
  • Fast


  • Single pin fire is not ideal for long-duration projects
  • Nails bend at Psi less than 150

5. APACH LHT-64 T-Nailer for Concrete

Slightly less renowned by homeowners, but almost every other professional has used it at some point in their career.

The reason for its success is that its compatible with several concrete nail sizes and offers enough power for heavy-duty usage without much wear and tear.

Another distinguishing feature is its dual fire modes that give you control over how you want to use this nail gun.

All in all, it’s ergonomically designed and manages to do what it’s made for professionally.

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  • A good option for heavy-duty usage
  • Adjustable air deflector
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dual firing modes


  • Short-lived life
  • Problematic on aged concrete

6. Freeman PCTN64 Concrete”T” Nailer

While previously reviewed, nail guns for cement applications were simple yet effective tools. Freeman upgraded its design with this model.

You get to see the same reliability and performance but with added features that make your working experience much more fun.

For maximum performance, 360-degrees adjustable exhaust is added to this nailer.

Alongside, trigger safety lock helps prevent accidents and allows the user to work freely in different applications.

Although, the nailer is equipped with almost everything, however, it might be difficult to penetrate through denser old concrete.

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  • Durable
  • Multiple applications on concrete
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for dense concrete walls
  • Continues to shoot even when out of nails

7. Hilti 274638 GX120 Concrete Nail Gun

A one of its kind gas-powered nail gun for cement. Rids you of problems such as; the constant need for an electric power source or excessive weight added to the gun for battery operation.

It’s a hassle-free nail gun that simplifies your work. It’s easily the flash of all nail guns for concrete as it can fire up to 750 nails on a single gas refill, saving you from skyrocketing utility bills.

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  • Fast
  • Power-efficient
  • Streamlined design to reach tough spots


  • Spare parts and assorted items such as nails are sparse.
  • Questionable quality

8. SENCO 7J0001N 1-1/2 in. Pneumatic Concrete Nailer

Senco differentiates itself from its competitors by providing users with one of the most dynamic and beautifully designed concrete nail guns.

The product is made out of aluminum, so you know it’s going to withstand depreciation and simultaneously be light in weight.

It has an easy loading mechanism that leads no room for annoyance as it’s quick and super-efficient. The narrow nose piece ensures that the nail punctures through easily and accurately.

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  • Reaches tight spaces
  • Beautiful design
  • Powerful


  • An Air compressor is a prerequisite.
  • Application on older buildings may be problematic.

9. Hitachi NC40G Gas Powered Concrete Nailer

Hitachi always has to offer a product that is unique in technology yet offers premium quality and superior performance that is unmatched by any of its contenders.

This cordless nail gun is the optimal choice for users who prefer portability. You can achieve maximum usage for long periods without replacing the rods as it can fire up to 1200 shots.

Its narrow nose and lightweight nature are ideal for reaching any tight space. This nail gun is nothing short of perfection in terms of productivity and comfort.

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  • Portable
  • Able to reach tight spaces
  • Comfortable to use
  • Efficient


  • Requires specific Hitachi batteries which may be difficult to find
  • Have to purchase fuel rods separately


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of nail gun do you use for Concrete?

A concrete nail gun is also known as a power actuated nailer, is specialized for usage on concrete.

How long should concrete nails be?

Nails of different sizes can be used on concrete; however, it should be kept in mind that the nail should be long enough to be able to propel itself into the concrete and wood at least 1 inch deep.

The general length of nails that can be used on concrete varies up to a range of 3 inches.

How do you nail a nail into concrete?

As you will be using a nail gun, you can save yourself from the hassle of placing pilot holes first.

The procedure is simple. You just have to take the nail gun to your working surface where you want to pin nails and then point, press and shoot.

How do you anchor a 2×4 to concrete?

You can anchor 2×4 to concrete with the help of wedge anchors and hammer it down by hand. However, the easier way to do it will be with a concrete nail gun.

How deep should anchor bolts be in concrete?

For the anchor bolts to be well adjusted into the base material, you need to at least drive them ¼ inch to ½ an inch deep.


Nail guns for concrete eliminate multiple steps in the process of fastening and remodeling as compared to performing these procedures manually.

I hope this guide and reviews helped provide reliable information to refer back to if you’re considering buying nail guns specifically for application on concrete.

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