Best Coffee Urns Reviewed 2022 | For Faster Brewing

Do you want to brew a large amount of coffee without observing the brewing process? Are you planning to arrange a party at your home and want to serve coffee to the guests? Then the best solution is to use a coffee urn. There are different types of coffee pots available in the market.

Different products have different capacities. Based on the capacity, you can even use a coffee urn for a coffee shop.

But it is a big problem when you want the best coffee urns within your budget. There are several features that need to consider. So, we are going to share a list of top products with reviews.

Types Of Coffee Urns

As we mentioned above, there are varieties of coffee urns. Some of them come with larger capacity, and some of them are smaller to use at home.

But based on the material, the coffee urn can be in different formats. Most conventional coffee urns are-

Metal Coffee Urn:

This is the most durable type of coffee urn. They come with high-grade materials for longevity.

Usually, metal coffee urns are made of stainless steel, and some of them come with aluminum and silver construction. They are good to avoid the odor in the coffee.

Glass Coffee Urn:

There are different types of glass used in coffee urn construction. If the manufacturer uses high-grade glass, you can stay secure about the durability.

But in the case of low-grade glass, they can spoil the taste of the coffee.

Plastic Coffee Urns:

They are the cheapest types of the coffee urn. If your budget is minimal, you can choose them. But we don’t recommend them because of the weak construction.

Also, you will get the plastic taste in the coffee. However, there are some products with stiff plastic.

Top 6 Coffee Urns Review

There are more than 10 popular brands for coffee urns. Among them, some of the brands are doing great.

Nesco, West-Bend, Nesco, Continental are the most popular brands. They are making coffee accessories for a long time.

So, they know what the demands of users are. If you want a secure deal, you can pick a coffee urn from one of them.

1. West Bend 54160 Commercial Coffee Urns

West Bend is a renowned company for making high-quality coffee accessories. They have used the latest technology to make this new coffee urn.

You can brew 60 cups of coffee at a time with this coffee urn. Brushed stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity. You will love the hands-free dispensing with the non-drip faucet.

You can fill a cup or carafe with the faucet. Several indicators to let you know when your coffee is ready to serve. The automatic keep warm feature allows you to preserve the coffee in it for a long time.

If you think about the using process, this is the best coffee urn which is entirely customer friendly. There is no odor or metal taste in the coffee.

You will love it faster brewing too. This is an ideal coffee urn to use at home or even for a small café.


  • Hands-Free dispensing feature.
  • Highly durable with top-quality materials.
  • Commercial grade coffee urn to use for different purposes.
  • Easy to use with indicators.
  • Suitable to pour coffee in both cup and carafe.
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.


  • Its price is not affordable for all.
  • It is a little bit messy.

Conclusion: As a commercial-grade coffee urn, it has a high price. But you will love it for the performance. Its huge capacity helps you to save valuable time. No critical operating system, so anyone can use it.

2. West Bend Automatic Coffee Urns

Do you want to brew up to 40 cups of coffee with your coffee urn? Looking for a small coffee urn with a huge capacity? Then the West Bend 58002 coffee urn will be the right selection. This is an automatic coffee urn for serving coffee at parties.

Inside of the coffee urn is made of aluminum. So, you can stay secure about durability.

Also, it ensures that you are getting only the coffee flavor. You can brew 12 to 42 cups of coffee with it.

There is a 2-way dripless faucet for single-cup or continuous filling. So, you can pour the coffee into your style.

There is a stay-cool handle with it. It is easy to carry and you can use it for a home party, corporate meeting or in any case of high demand for coffee.


  • This is a lightweight coffee urn.
  • Durable construction with aluminum for longevity.
  • Faster brewing without any further accessories.
  • The water level is marking for accuracy.
  • No odor in the brewed coffee.
  • Include the base, lid, and filter basket.


  • The detachable cord comes with poor quality.
  • Outside of the product is not shiny and corrosion may attack.
  • Need to clean the coffee urn regularly.

Conclusion: It’s an ideal coffee urn for home and office usages. You are not going to be stressed by carrying it. Simple and minimal design with effectiveness will make you happy.

3. Nesco CU-50 Coffee Urn

Want to make a significant amount of coffee with your coffee urn? Then check the features of this Nesco coffee urn.

The main material of the coffee urn is stainless steel for durability, and it doesn’t change the coffee taste.

You can stay secure about the authentic taste of the coffee with it. You can brew 50 cups of coffee with 5.7 oz. capacity.

It can brew one cup of coffee per minute. This is annoying when you need to serve the coffee continuously.

The basket is dishwasher safe so that you can clean it with less hassle. Because of some poor materials on the inside, this product doesn’t endure for an extended period.


  • Its dimension is small to save space.
  • There is a drip tray to avoid mess during pouring.
  • Easy brew coffee with it.
  • Durable faucet for continuous serving.
  • Larger capacity to use at an office party or home party.
  • Measurement marking.
  • It comes with a lid with a handle.


  • The necessary accessories are made of poor quality plastic.
  • It takes more time than some other coffee urns at the same price.
  • The flavor of the coffee brewed with it is not so rich.

Conclusion: We have found different problems with it. Customers are also complaining about some features. So, it will be better to pick something else if you can afford it.

4. Continental Electric CP43699 Coffee Urn

If you have a limited budget is and you are struggling to pick up a coffee urn, this can be a good choice. It comes with 30 cups of capacity.

This is a single wall coffee urn with stainless steel construction. If you are looking for a durable product, this is the best.

Though the steel construction is so high, the plastic parts are very poor. So, you may face some problems with it.

Its design is standard to store in a small area. Also, it is a lightweight product. Because of cheap material parts, you will get poor performance after the first few usages.

Also, the taste of the coffee with this urn is not satisfactory.


  • Brewing coffee with it is easy.
  • Filling water is not a hassle with it.
  • Storing at home or office is not a great
  • Stainless steel is the main construction.
  • Perfect for social gatherings and crowds.


  • You will find the metal taste in the coffee.
  • The capacity is only 30 cups.
  • Performance becomes weak after a few months.

Conclusion: For regular brewing, this is not the best coffee urn. There are so many negative reviews from its existing customers. So, we don’t recommend the product much.

5. Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial Coffee Urn

Want to get the best deal with a Hamilton Beach coffee urn? Then you are ready to go with the Hamilton Beach D50065 commercial-grade coffee urn. You can use it at home or for commercial purposes.

This is a stainless-steel coffee urn that you can use continuously without any hassle. There is a water and coffee window to know when you need to stop. The filling is easy with it. Just remove the lid and fill it.

It can brew 60 cups of coffee at a time. You can serve the coffee continuously. The on the indicator and the ready indicator is helpful to know when you can serve the coffee.

No additional filter required to brew coffee with it.


  • It comes with a convenient design.
  • Classic polished stainless-steel exterior for longevity.
  • Ready indicator to know when the coffee is ready.
  • Cup trip handle for one-hand dispensing.
  • Smooth coffee at every brew.
  • Faster brewing without any hassle.


  • Its weight is higher than most of the coffee urns.
  • The dispenser is stiff which makes it a problem to use a disposal cup.

Conclusion: Hamilton Beach D50065 is the best coffee urn for commercial purposes. If you are going to open a new coffee shop or you want to fulfill the larger capacity of your cafe, just go for it.

6. Hamilton Beach 40515 Coffee Urn

As you know, Hamilton Beach always gives importance to quality, so this Hamilton Beach 40515 is not going to disappoint you. It comes with a large capacity.

The best thing you are going to love about the product is, you can continuously serve the coffee. It is an easy-to-use coffee urn that you can use just by pulling the lid and filling it with water.

Use fresh ground coffee and connect with the power source. You can brew up to 42 cups of coffee with one brew. Because of its compact design, it is easy to store the brewer within a narrow space.

Also, this is a lightweight product. There is an indicator light that lets you know when your coffee is ready. There is a two-way dispenser system for the easiness. It ensures the great taste of coffee each time.


  • Larger capacity to use for any party or meeting.
  • Durable construction with high-grade metal.
  • 2-way dispenser system.
  • It takes just 1 minute to brew each cup.
  • Easy to fill water and water level marks are included.
  • Heat resistant handle for safety.


  • The spigot is raised a bit above which wastes some coffee.
  • Unlike the handle, other parts are not heat resistant.

Conclusion: Its total performance is excellent. If you are looking for a coffee urn to use for a home party, corporate meeting, etc. we highly recommend the product.

Final Verdict

Now, It will be not easy to pick the best coffee urn. First, make a list of what you want in the coffee urn.

Check the above products to find your requirements. If you are looking for a commercial coffee urn, you can choose Hamilton Beach.

Also, look for the warranty to be secured about the deal.

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