10 Best Coffee Grinders 2021 | Reviews & Guide

Experts and espresso aficionados agree that a good coffee grinder is an essential component needed in every kitchen to achieve the ultimate coffee drink.

A good grinder will boost the overall taste of a drip coffee, but it is even more significant for specialty brews like espresso or Turkish as well as those which pour-over coffee or favor French press.

If you want the best coffee grinder either manual or automatic but cannot afford to buy your choice, there is no cause for alarm because we have got you covered.

Here, we’ll take you through some of the 10 top-rated Coffee Grinders out in the market and give in detail what makes each choice the best on its own in regard to their performance, function highlights, and cost.

Types of Coffee Grinders

When going for a coffee grinder, sometimes you may be left wondering which one to go for as well serve you best.

This is because there are dozens of coffee grinding machines out in the market and without a guide, you may find yourself wasting money for a unit that’s not even worth the cost. Currently, there are four types of coffee grinders

Hand or Manual grinders: These grinders use the traditional method to grind coffee beans. Some of them come with burrs or blades. On average they range from ten to thirty pounds

Blade grinders: They use sets blades to chop the beans. These units are a popular choice for many household users.

Burr grinders: Most coffee enthusiasts use these grinders because they use burrs to squeeze as well as grind the coffee beans.

Although they serve the same purpose with the blade and the manual grinders, the burrs are more convenient and grind fast. On average, they range from thirty to eighty pounds

Bean to cup machine: Prefer to buy a grinder that takes coffee beans, grinds them, and makes the actual brew. These machines do all that, but they are a bit pricey than the burr grinders.

Who Needs a Coffee Grinder?

Are you the kind of person who prepares coffee in your house two to three times a day without even having guests? If yes, then you need inclusion in your kitchen cabinet, and that is a coffee grinder.

Most of the coffee you brew requires either a fine or coarse grind, and with the help of a grinding machine, you can be able to prepare a tasty and flavorful espresso without any hassle.

Buyer’s Guide

A coffee grinder is a great investment, so you should be careful when making a purchase.

You want a machine that will offer perfect grinding whether for espresso or French Press. Here are the features that you should check in a coffee grinder.

Versatile settings:

If you’re going to spend your money on a coffee grinder, especially the burr grinders, be certain it can handle all your grinds from super-fine to the Turkish & espresso drinks, to coarse grinds for both French and drip press.

Besides, the blade grinders appear to be the best since they have few options and settings that are easier to operate than the burr coffee grinders.

Ease of cleaning

Grinders designed with removable parts for easy cleaning or wiping with a damp cloth are most preferred than those requiring maneuvering of a brush through the crevices.

Also, the burrs should be accessible for cleaning.

Regular cleaning of the machine is of the great essence since it provides extensive services to the user thus saving on cost for the replacement of parts or the whole unit once it fails to work.

Quiet operation

It’s always vital to go for a coffee grinder that produces less noise and vibrations.

Blade grinders appear to have much noise compared to burr grinders that’s why you will find most people narrowing their purchase to the burr models.

Besides, you will not want a machine that will wake your children or everyone in the house once it starts grinding

Consistent grind

A good grinder should get you a consistent grind from the same setting every time you use it. As for the blade grinders, they give a fine and consistent grind with no left over’s

Deep lids especially for the blade grinder

With the blade coffee grinders, a lid is also the ground coffee receptacle. And as a matter of fact, deep lids do hold ground coffee beans with fewer spills.

Top 10 Coffee Grinders

1. Krups Electric Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for a nice grinder to grind your coffee beans quickly and more efficiently without any hassle, then KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is your ideal choice.

This unit is a perfect alternative to pre-ground coffee in the way it brews freshly ground beans that promote a rich aroma and delicious flavor for a good tasting coffee.

Apart from the coffee beans, this grinder can be used to chop or grind seeds, herbs, nuts, and spices.

With this appliance, you can also grind your coffee in less than a minute time or more depending on the consistency you want to, say from coarse Turkish coffee size to the fine espresso grind.


  • Large capacity
  • Customize your grinding depending on your ground consistency
  • Comes with 200 watts motor for faster grinding
  • Stainless steel blades can grind not only beans but also nuts, grains, spices, and more


  • Sometimes the smoke coming from the controls is horrible
  • The unit is not built to last; it’s of inferior quality

Conclusion: The KRUPS F203 Coffe Grinder will customize your coffee beans to any texture of your choice without the hassle and for less than a minute. This machine will complement every other appliance in the kitchen

2. Epica Spice And Coffee Grinder

The Epica Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder is a machine you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen if you are an ardent coffee enthusiast.

It will not limit you to predetermined timers or settings instead; it has clear lids that allow you to see when the grind is up to your satisfaction and stop grinding by just releasing the activation button.

How good is that? Besides, the unit’s inner ring fits perfectly into a grinding cup, thus keeping the powdered coffee completely contained.

The intelligent and sleek design of the Epica takes the hassle out when grinding your coffee. It has a 250- watt motor that delivers consistent and even grinds all the time.


  • Detachable grinding cup for easy pouring
  • Transparent lids let you see when grinding is done
  • Safety locks to prevent operation when the lid is open
  • The motor is quieter than other grinders.
  • The cord wraps perfectly underneath the unit thus providing a clean look


  • The fuse may be defective after a while; they overheat quickly and are difficult to repair.

Conclusion: Most of the coffee grinders are all one unit, requiring you to handle the extra weight, bulk & dangling electrical cords especially when transferring the powder to the coffee maker.

Luckily, this unit eliminates all this with a separate cup that detaches from the whole piece with an easy twist.

3. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton

A Real coffee aficionado acknowledges the importance and convenience of the Hario Skerton over other coffee grinders.

The unit is small in size meaning that it cannot take much of your limited space on the kitchen counter.

It can sit comfortably on the table thus giving you more room for other appliances.

This machine is ideal for coffee devotees who find traveling intriguing because of its portable and lightweight (weighs about 1.2 pounds).

This machine is simple and easy to use. There are no technicalities involved in operating the unit, and anyone can run it.


  • It is lightweight and easy to clean
  • It’s ideal for people on a limited budget
  • The Skerton is a perfect hand grinder for coffee enthusiasts who like traveling


  • There’s no shaft guide while moving downwards the burr

Conclusion: The Hario Skerton has been considered the best manual coffee grinder especially for people who are in a financial fix. It is economic friendly and goes for a few dollars compared to other grinders out in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a Hario Skerton coffee grinder today and enjoy the taste of your coffee right from the comfort of your house.

4. Hand Ground Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder

If you are looking forward to getting a manual coffee grinder, then there’s no other grinder like the hand-ground precision machine. This grinder allows you to load up to 100g of coffee in its hopper.

The top lid locks with a slight twist so as to avoid the beans from spurting out while grinding. In cases where there is no scale available, each hopper’s measurement mark will represent 10g of beans.

A 400-millimeter conical ceramic burr crushes the coffee beans to small sizes. The burr’s geometry is finely tuned so that it can balance the speed that it grinds as well as the torque needed to turn the units handle.

A hand grounder is a remarkable machine. It produces consistent grinds every time with a ceramic burr mill plus the mounted axle that does away with the burr wobble.


  • Has 15 grinds; you can choose whichever you want
  • Loads up to 100 grams of beans in the hopper
  • The unit is simple to clean
  • It is solidly built


  • Does not sit without a base
  • Produces too much noise when grinding

Conclusion: For a coffee grinder with an easy to use side handle, speeds, and consistency of the grind as well as portable burr grinders, choose the hand-ground coffee grinder.

This grinder has up to 15 grind settings to choose from. Just turn the numbered rings to select a perfect grind for the brew method of your choice. How convenient is that!

5. Breville Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Grinder

The Breville BSSXL smart Coffee Bean grinder is a great value for your money. It features a precision digital time (usually adjustable in 0.2 seconds) to give the complete user control over grind time and does as well.

A perfect coffee needs an exact amount of freshly prepared/ground coffee beans. However, the unit’s adjustments in regard to the grind size require different grind time to obtain a consistent dose.

You can choose over 60 different grind settings with this coffee grinder so as to achieve a good flavor that can suit your favorite beverage.

The grind settings will help you choose the finest coffee to the coarsest Moka pot coffee or French press.

To clean the machine, remove the unlockable bean hopper and the grinding burr so as to clear the chamber in case of ground coffee or residual beans.

A brush is also included for easy cleaning. The exterior part is stainless steel so it can be wiped easily with a damp towel.


  • Stainless-steel conical burrs for protecting essential oils in coffee beans
  • Electronic timer for adjusting the grind time
  • 160 oz coffee bean capacity with a locking system for easy removal and transfer of the hopper


  • Doser is not always accurate
  • Produces a bad plastic smell that goes away with time

Conclusion: For a convenient and easy to use grinder that will allow you to grind coffee directly into a portafilter, paper filter, grinds container, or gold-tone filter container, choose the Breville BSSXL smart grinder.

6. Baratza Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The Baratza conical burr lives up to its name by providing classic style, technical skill, and a consistent, high-quality grind. The secret behind Baratza’s consistency and smooth grind is two-fold.

First, an efficient motor keeps the beans cool even during prolonged grind times and second, a combination of both electric & gear speed reducers slows the burr to 450 RPM thus ensuring a smooth bean feed as well as reducing noise, heat & plastic build-up.

The unit has a sixty-second timer with segmented graphics for easy and repeatable grind times. Its 40-millimeter conical burrs grind coffee at 1.5 to 2.4 grams per second, depending on the setting.

What sets the Baratza burrs apart is that they can do a uniform grind, with the lack of a fine across its range of grinding.


  • Provides technical skill, classic style as well as consistent quality grind
  • Grind is left in the grinder to maximize freshness
  • Grind adjustments
  • Time switcher for repeatable grind times


The unit’s ground bin is shaped in a way that it’s difficult to pour into the coffee press without spilling the coffee

Conclusion: Overall, if you’re looking for the best quality as well as performance for different brewing techniques, it’s hard to find a better grinder than the Baratza conical burr.

7. Breville Smart Coffee Grinder

Making a tasty coffee starts with an exact dose of freshly ground coffee beans. But how can you get the right amount of the grind of your choice?

The Breville BCG800xl- smart grinder automatically calibrates the doses every time the grind is adjusted, so that you have the precise amount of coffee grinds needed irrespective of the fineness or coarseness of the grind size.

The unit features a bean hopper with a capacity of one pound, with an airtight & locking system.

Besides, the hopper is detachable; it can be removed from its grinder base. Therefore, it can be easily used to store coffee beans at the appropriate temperatures.

The stainless conical burrs minimize the grinding heat so as to protect essential oils inside the coffee bean. Most importantly, the smart grinder allows you to adjust the preset amount to suit your taste.


  • The grind size as well as amount adjustment range is great
  • It is not too loud
  • 25 grind settings
  • Conical burrs than minimizes grinding heat in order to protect oils in the coffee bean


  • Coarsest grinds generate decent bits of coffee dust
  • Cleaning is difficult since the hopper collects water internally

Conclusion: The Breville BCG800XL -Smart Grinder is a kitchen appliance made to last. For convenience purposes, it features an auto dosing function that calibrates each and every adjusted dose.

8. Baratza Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Coffee fans recognize the Baratza encore as the go-to entry coffee grinder for those who brew coffee at home. This unit gives a fine grind for drip or manual brew and enough coffee for the espresso.

The encore features 40 individual grind settings to please palates with it’s accurate as well as reputable grind settings.

It also features a perfect medium for coarse grinding to the manual brew techniques such as the siphon, aero press, Chemex, and pour-over.

The efficient direct current motor helps cool the beans even during prolonged grind times whereas a combination of both electric and gear speeds contribute to slowing the burrs up to 450RPM.

This ensures a smooth bean feed, reduced noise, heat as well as static build-up. A front-mounted pulse button provides convenience by making it easier to grind the coffee beans on demand into the brew basket.


  • Perfect for the home manual brew
  • The burrs are stainless steel


  • The grinder produces fragments that scatter all over the counter
  • Not built to last

Conclusion: Whether you’re looking for an espresso grinder or just an ordinary grinder to help you in those extensive brewing methods, the Baratza smart grinder is an all-time home best grinder.

It will save you money, and the best of all help you grind coffee beans of your desired finesses or coarseness

9. Capresso Black Coffee Grinder

For maximum flavor and aroma retention, nothing beats the Capresso burr grinder. Computer-controlled grinding heads cut the shapes and angles of the burrs to within 0.11-millimeter precision.

A multiple gear motor produces a slow grinding action resulting in high precision grinding from the Turkish fine to the percolator coarse.

The infinity has conical steel burrs that can hold up to 4-ounces of coffee grounds plus the remains sealed when grinding.

For safety reasons, the bean container needs to be locked in a place so that the infinity can operate.

However, for easy clean up of the grinder, the upper burr and the bean container lifts off so that you can wipe the cleaning chamber using the included brush as well as wipe the die-cast housing.


  • The conical burr is removable for easy cleaning
  • Grinds large quantities of beans
  • Reduction gearing; the grinder’s motor speed slows down without losing the grinding torque hence resulting in less static & dust.


  • Grinds may get charged and fly all over the counter
  • Lacks a range of grinding variability

Conclusion: There are many conical burr grinders on sale in the market. It’s good to find one that’s not too noisy, but unfortunately, the majorities of these coffee grinders make a lot of noise and are light as well.

The only way you can get around the noise is by adding some weight. So look for Capresso burr grinder since it’s heavier than other grinders

10. Cuisinart Automatic Burr Mill Grinder

The Cuisinart is a stylish coffee grinder with a sleek design you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen cabinet.

This unit provides a myriad of options as well as outstanding results in both an attractive and tidy way.

The machine features a heavy-duty motor and 18-grind settings ranging from fine to coarse and controlled by the clearly marked clicking dial.

Ideally, the grinder is set to take about 40 seconds to grind your coffee to 12 cups and 55 seconds 18 cups.

When cleaning, be certain to remove the grinder plug from the outlet and then wipe with a damp cloth.

You can use a cleaning brush to grind the release area. When cleaning the unit, do not immerse the grinder base in any liquid like water, and lastly, don’t put parts on the bottom shelf.


  • Burr Grind provides uniform grind & optimum flavor
  • Convenient cord storage
  • An electric timer that shuts off the unit after every grind cycle
  • Convenient cord storage


  • Creates an enormous amount of dust

Conclusion: Because there are no decent and budget-friendly grinders on the current market, the best grinder you cannot miss to have in the kitchen is the Cuisinart burr mill. The mill does not produce large pieces of coffee beans than the blade grinder does.

Final Verdict

So what will guide you in buying a grinder of your choice considering that there are dozens of coffee grinders out in the market? Of course, most of these grinders come in a stylish and sleek design, but their mode of function is what matters.

The units we have discussed above have specific features each of their own which will ensure you get yours according to your preferences.

Although the Price of the unit also plays a vital role when buying a coffee grinder, it does not mean the cheap ones are less efficient.

The difference in price is brought about by the inclusion of other features. So there is no reason to doubt any of our 10 best coffee grinders.

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