14 Best Catalytic Converters 2022 | For Maximum Efficiency

With the world’s increasing population, there is a major increase in the number of cars we people buy.

Catalytic ConvertersCars have become very essential for us and our lives so it is our responsibility to have the best catalytic converters installed in them to save the environment.

Since now we can’t live without cars, we need to maintain the environment as well because, without it, survival becomes even harder.

Catalytic converters are an easy and efficient way to control the emission of gases into the environment. These help us in preventing pollution and save the atmosphere.

The foremost benefit which you can get out of the best catalytic converters is one that you will not feel right away. They boost up the engine’s performance and make for a safer environment.

If you live in a place where it is normally very hot, then using catalytic converters, the risk of having high temperatures in your area can be reduced which will ultimately prolong your vehicle’s life.

The market is loaded with catalytic converters, but we need to find out which best catalytic converter will be the most efficient and suitable for our car.

Buyer’s Guide

Catalytic Converters are literal lifesavers. They help reduce the emission of three harmful gases that are the major cause of environmental pollution.

We know it is difficult to go out into the market and find a suitable product that fits your needs. Consumers normally face a problem; the product they think is good, turns out to be utter rubbish in terms of durability, performance or warranty.

Therefore, we feel it is imperative that we establish some rules and tips to help you buy the best catalytic converters.

Types of Catalytic Converters

Generally, catalytic converters can be classified into two types: two-way converters and three-way converters.

Two-Way Converter

The two-way catalytic converters are most commonly used with diesel engines. This type of catalytic converters performs two tasks concurrently. They convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide; thereby providing a relatively non-toxic gas.

Secondly, they also convert hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. These type of catalytic converters help reduce an excess of two mainly harmful emissions: hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Three-Way Converter

Three-way catalytic converters are most commonly used with all petrol-based vehicles. They perform the same function as two-way converters except for the fact that they converter an additional toxic gaseous emission.

They provide an efficient mechanism to convert an additional pollutant namely, nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen gas.


The catalytic converters are most commonly used as an upgrade of modification for vehicles which are already in use.

So when the average car owner opts for modification, they need to get their converter fitted into their car. There are generally two types of fit that are commonplace with these converters: the universal fit and the direct fit.

Direct fit

The name itself is explanation enough as to what this kind of fitting is for. The direct-fit kind of catalytic converters is designed specially to reduce any sort of additional or extra modifications.

They are designed to fit perfectly onto your vehicle without having to spend any additional cost of modification. The installation is easy, they are reliable and are commonly endorsed by manufacturers.

Universal fit

The universal fit, on the contrary, needs more alterations and modifications in order to fit onto your vehicle.

It is one of the cheaper ways to get a catalytic converter installed as the universal fit is readily available in the market and does not need a lot of cash to be bought.

It is, although, a longer process due to the fitting, welding and modification taking a lot of time.

Top 14 Catalytic Converters Reviews

We understand that it is very difficult to pick out some of best catalytic converters for the average person.

We have gone through lengths of research and analysis and produced this list of the best catalytic converters.

1. Nissan Altima 2.5L 2007-2013 Catalytic Converter

One of the best high-performance catalytic converter brands for performance out there is the Nissan Altima 2.5L. It features an easy mechanism that can be sued to install it into the vehicle. This makes it user-friendly.

They have been designed to be used with OBDI vehicles which should have been manufactured in the year 1996 or later.

The catalytic converter has been manufactured using stainless steel. The installation has been made easy through specially designed mechanisms. Internal substrate material and precious metal loading have been careful.

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  • Uses stainless steel
  • Easy Installations
  • Covered by warranty
  • Maximum efficiency


  • Some screw holes do not fit

2. MagnaFlow 51356 Universal Catalytic Converter

MagnaFlow is one of the foremost exhaust parts manufacturers out there on the market. They provide some of the best catalytic converters available on the market.

The construction of this catalytic converter has been executed using stainless steel. It has been carefully engineered to work well with diesel and gasoline vehicles.

The seam has been welded extremely close to the converter; this increases efficiency.

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  • Strong and sturdy
  • Works well with diesel engines
  • Increased efficiency
  • Federal gas compliant design


  • Does not fit for some vehicles

3. EvanFischer Silver Powder-Coated Catalytic Converter

If you are looking for high-performance parts with lower cost and best quality, then EvanFischer is the one manufacturer whom you can go to.

The EvanFischer Catalytic Converter is not only durable and ergonomic in design, it is also covered by an unlimited warranty. It utilizes the direct fit feature so it is easy to install on vehicles.

The Evan Fischer Catalytic Converter has been constructed using aluminized steel which makes it robust and strong.

It also sports 4 oxygen sensor ports which are a product of EvanFischer’s innovative attempts.

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  • Easy to install
  • Robust and strong
  • 4 oxygen sensor ports
  • OBD-II and EPA compliant


  • Does not last long

4. Flowmaster Universal Catalytic Converter

The Flowmaster Universal Catalytic Converter can be considered as one of the best catalytic converters brands which are budget-friendly.

Flowmaster boasts some excellent flow characteristics that complement its versatile nature and fitting.

The product is protected with high durability due to the use of a stainless steel outer shell.

It boasts a robust and strong steel structure giving it durability.

The Flowmaster reduces annoying exhaust smells and emissions. The product boasts a ceramic core boosting its efficiency.

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  • Highly durable
  • reduces annoying exhaust smells
  • ceramic core


  • Takes longer to install

5. Walker Catalytic Converter

Boasting a Direct Fit design, the Walker Catalytic Converter combines innovation with good pricing. The Walker is easy to fit and has some of the best fit out there available on the market.

An aluminized pipe has been fitted with a strong stainless steel body to make the catalytic converter robust.

The product also features ample precious metal and washcoat technology which offers more reliability.

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  • Aluminized pipe
  • Greater reliability
  • designed for pre-OBDII vehicles


  • Not very durable

6. AutoSaver Universal High Flow Catalytic Converter

If you are looking for a sturdy and strong catalytic converter, then the AutoSaver88 Universal Catalytic Converter is the right choice for you.

It features a strong shell and greatly engineered materials. It boasts a ceramic carrier interior surface.

It consists of a catalytic case manufactured with high-quality stainless steel so that durability is ensured.

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  • It is EPA Approved
  • Ceramic carrier interior surface
  • Durability is ensured


  • An oxygen sensor is prone to failure

7. MagnaFlow Direct Flow Catalytic Converter

MagnaFlow is a USA based manufacturer that offers some of the best catalytic converters and car parts to date. The Direct Flow variant is one of the leading products of MagnaFlow. And rightly so, owing to its versatile nature.

The seam on this product has been welded close to the body in order to provide greater efficiency.

The product boasts a Federal Emissions compliant design The MagnaFlow product can be used for diesel as well as gasoline applications. Stainless steel has been used for construction.

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  • Greater efficiency
  • Federal Emissions compliant design
  • used for diesel and gasoline applications
  • Stainless steel used


  • Check Engine Light may be a problem.

8. FlowMaster 223 Series Catalytic Converter

FlowMaster 223 Series Catalytic Converters are some of the most budget-friendly products present on the market.

They possess excellent flow characteristics and are able to actively eliminate all harmful emissions and gases from the exhaust system.

The 223 series has been constructed using aluminized stainless steel which boosts its strength.

The FlowMaster has been carefully manufactured to keep the MIL error light off at all times.

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  • Uses aluminized stainless steel
  • MIL error lights off at all times
  • The wide variety of applications


  • Cannot be used in California and some other places

9. Magna Flow 447206 Catalytic Converter

The 447206 is another marvel churned out by Magna Flow. The Magna Flow 447206 boasts a direct fit mechanism making it easier to install on to the vehicle.

This product covers a wide variety of makes and models. The product is CARB compliant making it versatile. The seam on the Magna Flow has been efficiently welded with the body.

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  • CARB compliant
  • Versatile
  • The seam-welded with the body
  • Diesel and gasoline applications easily


  • Installation guide is a bit tricky

10. Pontiac G6 Catalytic Converter

If you are looking for a genuinely premium product on this list, it would have to be the Pontaic G6 Catalytic Converter.

It has been designed to work with all post-OBDII models which are of the year 1998 and newer. Internal Substrate material has been employed in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

It is easy to install as it is a direct fit variant. It has a ceramic carrier core which adds to the efficiency of the engine.

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  • Maximum efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Ceramic carrier core
  • Direct fit
  • It reduces any smells


  • Poor shipping services.

11. AutoSaver88 Catalytic Converter Manifold

Another genuinely premium product on our list is the AutoSaver88 Catalytic Converter Manifold for 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Nissan Sentra Altima.

It is rather expensive, however, it provides all the facilities which you would expect in such an expensive car part.

The product has been designed to be used with the OBDII models which have been manufactured in the year 1996 or newer.

The construction has been done using stainless steel which adds to the sturdiness of the product.

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  • Designed for OBDII models
  • Robust and strong design
  • approved by the EPA


  • Fitting can be a problematic task.

12. MagnaFlow 27405 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

The MagnaFlow 27405 can be considered as one of the best high flow catalytic converters available which have been formulated and designed especially for use with diesel and gasoline-based engines.

The product uses a direct fit mechanism and is, therefore, a better choice.

It uses a stainless steel body which makes it rigid and strong in nature. It eradicates smells emanating from the exhaust.

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  • Direct fit mechanism
  • Stainless steel body
  • Eradicates smells


  • Life is short

13. FlowMaster 2010023 Catalytic Converters

The FlowMaster is available for a variety of direct-fit products and is one of the leading brands in car parts around the world.

It uses stainless steel to ensure strength. They meet all USEFPA standards of safety. They are available for a variety of direct fits.

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  • Greater strength
  • Meets all USEFPA standards of safety.
  • Available for various applications


  • Cannot be used in the state of California.

14. Walker 16467 Catalytic Converter

The Walker is one of the underdogs on this list. But do not let that swindle you, it is still one of the best high flow catalytic converters out there.

It has been designed for use with OBDII compliant vehicles which are of 1998 or newer. The product utilizes thick OE style flanges and hangers.

Aluminized Stainless steel has been incorporated to increase strength. It uses direct fit mechanism.

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  • Utilizes thick OE style
  • Increased strength.
  • Direct fit mechanism.


  • cannot be used with older models

Frequently Asked Questions

Are aftermarket catalytic converters good?

Aftermarket catalytic converters might be good or not; we should always keep in mind that they aren’t legal and they are not going to pass emission tests during the registration process of your vehicle.

So, saving a little money by buying aftermarket catalytic converters won’t be worth it, if, in the end, you can’t use them.

Can a clogged catalytic converter be cleaned?

If your precious little vehicle fails to start or show a sudden drop in fuel efficiency without any particular reason, then you should think about cleaning the catalytic converter as it might be clogged.

It is possible to clean a clogged converter without removing it with the help of certain converter cleaners available in the market.

What is a high flow catalytic converter?

High flow catalytic converters allow the gases to pass through them more efficiently and swiftly this enables them to increase the performance as well speed of our vehicle.

They grow the emission of our vehicle, and we should be careful in using these converters as every state has a different emission limit, we should make sure that we aren’t crossing that limit.

How long do Magnaflow catalytic converters last?

A conventional catalytic converter can last for up to 100,000 miles which is quite good as it makes a roundabout five years.

As far as Magnaflow is concerned, there is no limit given by the company itself, but it is a general notion that it can last up to 150,000 miles at least.

Can you drive a car with a bad catalytic converter?

Yes, you can drive a car with a bad catalytic converter. But it has certain repercussions depending upon the state of the converter.

If it’s clogged, then your car won’t be able to run. A lousy converter can also cause accumulating of exhaust gases in the vehicle causing suffocation and even death.

How do you know if your catalytic converter is going bad?

A sudden drop in efficiency and performance of the vehicle without any apparent reason whatsoever should alert you to check the effectiveness of the catalytic converter.

If you’re unable to start your car or fuel-efficiency suddenly drops then it Is the sign of a bad catalytic converter.

Does removing the catalytic converter increase horsepower?

A catalytic converter of a vehicle converts the hazardous, poisonous gases leaving engine of the car into the less dangerous one.

So, if we remove the converter the gases will come out without any filtration and with more speed causing the horsepower of the vehicle to increase by many folds.

Do you need to replace catalytic converter?

Yes, you do need to replace a faulty or lousy converter as it can affect the efficiency of the vehicle drastically.

A converter that isn’t allowing proper emission of gases will reduce the speed as well can cause the accumulation of exhaust gases in the car causing choking or even death of the passengers.

How many miles does a catalytic converter last?

A catalytic converter has quite good mileage. Different companies provide different distance. But on average a good catalytic converter can last up to 100,000 miles.

So, you won’t need to change the converter until at least five years of its installation.

Can a bad catalytic converter ruin your engine?

Yes, a bad catalytic converter can ruin the engine of the car as the clogging can cause accumulation of the gases in the engine which in return can cause overheating of the engine as well.

A faulty catalytic converter can decrease the performance as well as the efficiency of the driver of your vehicle.

Does a bad catalytic converter affect gas mileage?

Yes, a bad or faulty catalytic converter can drastically affect the mileage of the vehicle by affecting the performance and efficiency of the engine. It also causes the overheating of the engine.

What can ruin a catalytic converter?

Excessive unburned fuel, faulty spark plugs or overheating leads, all can cause the efficiency of a catalytic converter to drop which in returns decreases the performance of the vehicle.


Undoubtedly, one of the best alternatives for reducing pollution is the catalytic converter. We have researched and put out the best for you.

We feel that it is essential that you should ponder properly over what you want to buy before you buy it.

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