4 Best Cap Nailers 2022

The time of manual nailing has gone with the advent of automatic nailers.

They are extremely ergonomic in easing the process of nailing for you. It can be used either in walls, rooms, or ceilings for desired jobs; they make life easier.

There are many cap nailers available in the market comprising of various features and coming in different ranges of prices, but it is often hard to find of your choice.

In this article, after a good deal of sifting, I will explain the best cap nailers available in the market. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 4 Cap Nailers

When it is a lot harder to find the best tool for yourself, some expert reviews always help. Below are some of the amazing cap nailers that I went through. I hope that you are going to love them.

1. Bostitch N66BC Cap Nailer

The Bostitch Cap Nailer sits in the top place due to its exceptional features. The depth adjustment feature of this tool allows you to insert the nail according to your desired extent.

The design is very ergonomic and thus easy to handle and operate. The operating pressure offered by this tool is 70-120Psi.

Also, the magazine can have 300 nails at a time. But the interesting part is that it is very easy to load nails, thus, efficient. Moreover, its tool-free exhaust system directs the exhaust away from the operator.

You must be aware of the fact that the cap method is ten times faster than the manual process. In a nutshell, you get a lot out of this tool.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Good pressure ratio
  • Good capacity
  • Efficient tool


  • Not cheap
  • Problems faced in long runs

2. Metabo HPT Cap Stapler

Metabo is a renowned brand in the field of power tools. Its products are quite up to the mark, and the product that I have brought on my list is undisputed and holds great customer feedback.

Let’s talk about its features! It is a lightweight, heavy-duty tool to use on roofs, insulations, and packings. Simultaneously, its ergonomic design makes work easier and takes your nailing experience to another level.

The magazine has the capacity to carry up to 200 staples to increase workability. The sizes that it will support include 7/16-in crown18 gauge staples of 7/8-in, 1-1/4-in, and 1-1/2-in lengths.

The tool itself provides a great hold to enhance your experience, as I mentioned. There are also two triggers in which red is for sequential firing while black is for bump firing.

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  • Good compatibility
  • Good capacity
  • Easy to handle
  • Great results


  • Higher price
  • No other cons in particular

 3. Hitachi NV50AP3 1-1/4-in to 2-in Cap Nailer

Hitachi has changed its name to Metabo, but the products are still of that great quality. This one is a lightweight and easy-to-use nailer with tool-free depth adjustment and 360-degree adjustable exhaust.

This all makes nailing easier. The nail magazine and caps are made translucent to keep you aware of the left nails.

The pressure at which this tool operates ranges from 70-120Psi. Thus, you get all that a good cap nailer offers in this device.

You do not have to worry about the fact that the name of the brand has changed, because the products are still the same. Have a look at the pros and cons to demystify further.

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  • Good pressure range
  • Translucent magazine
  • 360-degree exhaust


  • Gets Jam sometimes
  • Superficial results

4. Stinger CN100B Pneumatic Cap Nailer

Your cap nailing becomes a lot easier and more efficient using this amazing nailer by Stringer.

Pneumatically operated, this great tool increases the efficiency of roofing up to 50% due to its lightweight and ergonomics. There are 200 caps and 200 nails that can be accommodated in the tool to reduce the reloading job.

The tool-free depth of drive and the 360-degree rotation facility takes the cap nailing to another level along with its handy design.

You can also perform sequential firing and bump firing through this tool. I became impressed with this tool and felt like sharing, and also, it is last but not the least.

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  • Great efficiency
  • 360-degree exhaust
  • Good pressure range


  • Relatively superficial results
  • No other cons in particular

Buyer’s Guide

A buyer’s guide is what helps the beginners in demystifying their thoughts regarding the product. The aspects explained below will surely help you make the best decision. Have a look!


The ergonomics are of the utmost importance when using tech tools. The tool should make your work easier rather than imposing a headache. Thus, a good robust, and efficient design should be your choice.

Magazine Capacity

The cap nailer should also have a good magazine capacity. This factor reduces the time of reloading and saves your time. Also, the loading feature should be a quick draw and easy to load.


It is often a concern while doing roof jobs that the exhaust direction should be away from the user’s face. A 360-degree exhaust is good to go as it helps you set your direction to anywhere.


After all, the cost is an important factor. It would help if you looked for an affordable cap nailer with your desired features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cap nailer used for?

For the jobs where you need to insert nails at a good speed, like house wrap, roofs, and insulation, you use a cap nailer.

What is Cap Nailer?

Cap nailer is an automatic nailing tool that allows you to nail your desired jobs with great efficiency.

How does a cap nailer work?

Load the caps and nails into the magazine.

Turn the nailer ON by connecting to the supply.

Now, apply on the target and press the button.

Thus, cap nailing is done!


I understand that it is not easy to find the best product when you do not know a lot about it. But I hope that this information that I provided would have helped you a lot and made it easier.

I wish you good luck with the buying phase.

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