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Anti-vibration gloves are not designed to be updated to the latest fashion trends in the world.

Anti Vibration GlovesIn fact, these fantastic gloves have a lot of benefits for people that work with heavy-duty vibrating tools.

The best anti-vibration gloves are designed and engineered to protect your hands and arms from different health hazards like the most popular hand and arm vibration syndrome.

This health syndrome is also known as white finger syndrome.

People who are frequently operating power tools and machines with high impact and vibration frequency are at risk to develop hand and arm vibration syndrome.

These gloves are not only made to help in protecting the hands from vibration through heavy tools but also assist you in outdoor sports activities like cycling etc.

So with the use of these gloves, you are safe from the tingling effect in your hands and fingers which is the first sign of hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you rush o the best anti-vibration gloves reviews, it is essential that you understand the factors that need consideration before you make a purchase.

There are different types of gloves available in the market, so you need to analyze their features and benefits accurately before buying.

Important Features

Different gloves have different types of features that differentiate them from one another. It is essential to know the kind of features to make the right choice as per your requirements.

Weather Resistance

Anti-vibration gloves are made to be weather resistant. This means that they must protect your hands and arms from vibration and impact during warm and cold weather.

But some models will work best in cold or warm climates and not in both.


Some anti-vibration gloves are designed to be waterproof using different types of water-resistant materials. Waterproof gloves prevent water from penetrating the gloves and reaching your hands.

Also, some waterproof gloves will have the ability to absorb the sweat from your hands keeping them dry.


It is essential to check if the gloves are made with high-quality materials and construction. Sustainability is highly critical if you are working with heavy pneumatic vibrating tools.

If the gloves are not durable, they will not be able to withstand pressure and will be more likely to cause health problems.


Covering your hands using gloves means that your hands will not be exposed to air and oxygen.

It is better to buy anti-vibration gloves that are made with breathable mesh-like material that allows proper air flow.


Anti-vibration gloves must be comfortable to wear and use. Comfort will only be ensured if the material used is soft and the gloves do not cause any hindrance in your work.

These gloves must provide additional warmth to maintain the energy level of your hands during work.

Gloves that assist you in gripping the tools can be the perfect pair for you and your activities.

Top 11 Anti Vibration Glove Reviews

Now that you know what to look for before buying the best anti-vibration gloves for yourself, let's move forward to the reviews.

Our research team has tried and tested each of these products before shortlisting them.

We ensure you that after going through our reviews, your purchase decision stage will be comfortable and quick.

1. Superior S10VIB Nylon Anti Vibration Glove

The superior glove is a well-reputed brand famous for its ergonomic designs that offer flexibility and comfort to the users. The Superior S10VIB is one of the best anti vibration gloves on the market.

This full finger glove promises to protect your hands during heavy works. The gloves are padded with a layer of polymer that dampens the vibration effect.

The chloroprene coated and seamless, lined gloves are designed to protect you from continuous impact from work with pneumatic vibrating tools.

Using these pair of gloves will prevent users from hand-arm vibration syndrome which is likely to happen to people who work with heavy vibrating tools.

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  • Ergonomic design
  • High quality
  • High tendency to reduce vibration effects
  • Chloroprene coated
  • Full finger glove
  • Perfect for heavy works


  • Not much to say

2. Superior VIBGHFV Vibration-Dampening Glove

Another great model by the Superior Glove brand is the Superior Vibrastop glove. The glove is made of goatskin leather material that ensures effectiveness and durable nature.

The glove is designed to reduce the vibration effect around the palm and base of the fingers that are mostly doing the work.

The gloves are embellished with a layer of 60-gram vibration dampening polymer.

The half fingers glove is perfect for protection from repetitive impact from hard work.

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  • High quality
  • Goatskin leather material
  • Durable
  • Layered with 60-gram vibration dampening polymer


  • Half-finger glove reduces the effectiveness
  • Not effective in heavy works

3. ProFlex 9000 Certified Anti-Vibration Glove

Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 is a uniquely designed anti-vibration glove and carries the label of the best anti-vibration glove in the market.

Being one of the best, this glove promises the reduction of vibration and impact.

The full-fingered glove’s palm is padded with chloroprene rubber, and the body is made with breathable nylon knitting.

These gloves are light in weight due to the seamless nylon knit construction. The pre-curved structure ensures comfort, flexibility, and ability to the fullest.

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  • Breathable nylon knit construction
  • Full fingered glove
  • Elastic cuff fitting
  • For heavy works


  • Not much to say

4. ProFlex 817WP Waterproof Work Gloves

Ergodyne gloves are always made to impress. The Proflex 817WP gloves are made to give you thermal protection in style.

The gloves are waterproof as no water will be able to pass through them to reach your hands.

3M Thinsulate insulation is used to provide your hands with protection from cold. The insulation is lightweight and does not cause any hindrance to work.

The gloves are designed to prevent cold, moisture and wind from reaching your hands keeping them warm and dry.

This model is perfect for cold and snowy working conditions.

The rugged AX suede palm and fingertip assist your grip, resist abrasion and provide flexibility.

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  • Heavy duty work gloves
  • Perfect for cold working conditions
  • High built quality
  • Touchscreen capability
  • Lightweight
  • Grip assistance


  • Not recommended for warm working conditions

5. Carhartt Men’s Ergo Pro Palm Glove

When your work requires extra grip and protection, you can rely on the Carhartt Ergo pro palm gloves. This knitted glove is made to be comfortable when worn.

The FastDry technology absorbs all the sweat released from your hands keeping them dry at all times. The gloves are easy to clean and dry.

The knit glove and rubber contoured palm and fingers are bonded together as per the C grip technology of Carhartt.

The C grip technology is designed to protect hands, reduce work stress and prevent swellings. This can be your perfect partner in moderate construction areas.

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  • Perfect in wet and dry conditions
  • High built quality
  • C grip technology
  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced grip and protection


  • Not for heavy-duty works

6. ProFlex 9002 Certified Anti-Vibration Glove

The ProFlex 9002 is a half fingered pair of gloves that ensures that your hands and arms are protected against effects of vibration.

The gloves are made with patented Nu202 polymer and the durable pigskin.

These materials provide durability and flexibility to the gloves. The woven elastic glove and low profile closure keep the gloves in place while working.

Using these gloves will give you maximum protection against vibration impact, shocks, hazards, etc.

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  • High built quality
  • Polymer technology
  • Elastic low profile cuff


  • Half-fingered gloves

7. West Chester Anti-Vibration Gloves

West Chester is a well-known brand famous for its great design and high-quality anti-vibration gloves.

This best anti-vibration glove is large covering your hand entirely for protection against vibration.

The glove is made with synthetic leather and padded with foam for extra comfort.

The knuckle is made with heavy-duty rubber that assists in the reduction of vibration and abrasion.

The John Deere gloves are perfect for light duty works like landscaping, general maintenance, carpentry, etc.

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  • Full fingered gloves
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Foam padded


  • Not for use with pneumatic vibrating tools.

8. Valeo Premium Leather Anti-Vibe Gloves

Valeo Black has designed this full finger pair of gloves to protect you from vibration effects.

This is one of the best anti-vibration gloves on the market with long wrist wraps ensuring proper grip.

The long wrist wrap cuffs enable you to reach far out places to finish the job.

The AV gel in the palm and thumb area gives you extra comfort during work and also enhances the vibration reduction feature.

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  • Long wrist wrap
  • Extra-firm grip
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Perfect for heavy-duty work


  • Not much to say

9. Mad Grip F50 Thunderdome Impact Gloves

The Mad Grip F50 made it to our list of best anti-vibration gloves. This heavy-duty pair of gloves can protect your hands from extreme impact and vibration effects.

The gloves are made of cotton, nylon and spandex mixture that increases flexibility, dexterity, and durability altogether.

The gloves are padded with vibration dampening polymer at the palm area.

The ultimate dry grip technology keeps your hands away from water and absorbs sweat keeping your hands dry during work.

For all-day job comfort, these gloves are great for use.


  • High quality
  • Extra-firm grip
  • Durable
  • Extra dry grip
  • Perfect for heavy-duty work


  • Not much to say

10. MOREOK Shock-Absorbing Gloves

The market is loaded with different types of gloves all serving a different purpose.

The MOREOK Shock absorbing cloves are perfectly made to assist you in your outdoor activities that involve cycling.

Made with breathable material including Ottom, printing silicon, gel and rubber, this pair of the glove is best for absorbing shock and giving you a firm grip on the handle of the bicycle.

The terry cloth is used to assist you in wiping off the dripping sweat of your face.

The EVS gel padding is combined with the triangular anti-vibration system makes this more protective against shock and vibrations enhancing your cycling experience.

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  • Extra firm grip
  • Terry cloth for wiping the sweat
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable material
  • Perfect for cycling and related activities


  • Not for heavy-duty work

11. GEARONIC TM Working Gloves

Being the best anti-vibration glove, the GEARONIC TM is a fashioned glove designed to assist you on your cycling expeditions.

These gloves are made with high quality and highly durable materials that ensure shock absorption and prevent the impact of vibration.

The padded foam palm provides comfort when worn. The breathable mesh allows proper airflow, and the elasticized microfiber gives the glove a comfortable grip.

The GEARONIC gloves are best for casual biking, gym and other outdoor sports activities.

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  • Made for outdoor sports
  • Breathable mesh for airflow
  • Comfortable grip
  • High quality


  • Not for heavy duty work

Frequently Asked Questions

Do anti-vibration gloves work?

Anti-vibration gloves are known to improve blood circulation which is critical in avoiding any long-term health issues.

They also provide support the hand and limit the jerks felt by the machine.

However, they should not be considered as a complete solution to vibration-related injuries.

Do anti-vibration gloves reduce exposure to vibration, for example for workers using hand-held breakers?

Anti-vibration gloves do provide some safety to the user while dealing with heavy machinery.

Hand-held breakers are heavy types of machinery which require more care from the user before operating, and these gloves would not be the only solution.

Although, anti-vibration gloves will reduce exposure to vibration further care must be taken.

Why wear anti-vibration gloves?

Anyone who works in an industry that deals with pneumatic tools such as jackhammers or rivet guns should consider using anti-vibration gloves to reduce the vibration that is transmitted to the hand and body with these machines.

High frequency of vibration can bring about serious health issues to the operator of these machines.

How to choose the best anti-vibration glove?

A good anti-vibration glove should have an excellent padded layer of vibration dampening polymer and should be made out of comfortable and sturdy material to offer both flexibility and vibration reduction.

Why is vibration a problem?

Vibration does not sound much of an issue but can have serious consequences.

Quality of life and health can be vastly affected, and people can have problems holding things and the ability to work.

Is it essential to measure the vibration level before using a pneumatic tool?

Yes, it is extremely important to measure vibration levels before using any tool because if this factor is neglected, it can bring out serious issues for the person using the tool.


When we decided to look for the best anti vibration gloves on the market, we checked every corner to find the right ones for you.

Our research has exposed a lot of great qualities of these gloves as well as some bad qualities that helped us determine the proper gloves.

We hope that the buyer’s guide will help you choose the most suitable anti-vibration glove for yourself. After all, it all depends on your needs and choice.

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

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    I spent several days cutting down trees and collecting logs. The Vgo gloves wear very well, no holes, no tears and apart from dirt, they are still like new. Also, they are available in all sizes. not available at the local hardware store. When I bought these gloves I wasn’t aware that they were advertised as waterproof. I managed to use it to move a pile of rotten, soaked logs the other day and found that while my hands were cold from the wet logs when I removed my soaked gloves to hang them to dry, my hands were dry.

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