11 Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors 2022 | Reviews & Guide

Getting the right air compressor will give your garage a fresh outlook and allow you to execute the daily pneumatic tasks in a more effective way.

However, it’s no surprise that the market is flooded with a lot of options, and it’s normal to get confused when looking at the features offered by each compressor.

To make a good purchase, appropriate guidance is necessary, and that’s what I’m here for!

After reading this article, you’ll be fully equipped to choose the best 60-gallon air compressor according to your needs.

Buyer’s Guide

A good buyer always does due research before making a purchase.

Sometimes this research requires browsing the web for hours, but don’t worry.

I have done the required groundwork and listed out the main things that you need to keep in mind before buying a 60-gallon air compressor.

Make sure you go through them all!

Compressor Type (Single-Stage vs. Two Stages)

If you already own a compressor, then you may know what the difference between a single-stage and a two-stage compressor is.

For those who don’t know, single-stage compressors compress air once hence giving low psi of about 120 whereas 2 stage compressors can go up to 170 psi while giving two stages of compression.

It makes sense to choose the stage according to your pressure needs.

PSI and CFM Values

The air pressure (PSI) and airflow (CFM) values are just as important in 60-gallon compressors as they are in any other compressor.

For a 60 gallon compressor, a good max psi range is 100 to 135 whereas a good CFM range is 10 to 14.

Don’t be afraid to spend some extra to get better CFM and PSI values. You won’t regret it!

Duty Cycle

I think we can agree that if you’re buying a 60-gallon compressor, then you’ll be running it for more than a few hours a day.

The duty cycle expressed in percentage tells you how long your compressor can run before it needs a break.

Hence, if you know the duty cycle of your compressor before you buy it, then you can evaluate whether or not it’s a better choice for you.

Power Source

The two main power sources for 60-gallon compressors are electrical and gasoline.

If you aren’t going to be moving too much, then you can save the operation costs of your tasks by getting an electrical compressor.

Similarly, if you’re someone who requires mobility and portability, then you should go for a compressor that can be powered by gasoline.

Top 11 60 Gallon Air Compressors

It pays off to know the negative aspects of a product since each manufacturer advertises its product as perfect.

For that purpose, I have reviewed the best 60-gallon air compressors, followed by a list of pros and cons. Let’s get started!

1. Industrial ILA4546065 60 Gallon Compressor

Starting off with none other than the industrial air’s ILA4546065. If you’re going to plug your compressor in an industrial input with high voltage, then this is your go-to compressor.

Its motor can operate at a whopping 240 volt! I like the CFM value that this compressor delivers 14.0 CFM at 90 psi.

This is really good considering that it’s a single-stage compressor. However, I don’t like how loud it gets after it’s been running for about 30 minutes.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Heavy-duty 240 volt operation
  • High CFM value
  • Has a pressure gauge


  • Gets loud after some time
  • Motor not durable enough

2. Industrial IV5076055 60 Gallon Compressor

The 2nd item on my list is also the 2nd best 60-gallon air compressor among my top 11 picks.

Since this is a two-stage compressor, you can expect optimal high-pressure performances from this device.

Even at 175 psi, you’ll get an exceptional flow rate of 13.5 CFM. This is even better than a lot of 80-gallon compressors.

The only downside is that the drain cap is not perfectly in line with the compressor. If you’re going to tighten it, make sure that you’re careful, so you don’t break it.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Operates quietly
  • Exceptional CFM vs. PSI
  • Smart heat control allows cooling


  • Weak drain cap
  • Subpar customer service

3. DEWALT DXCMV5076055 60 Gallon Compressor

My third best choice for a 60-gallon air compressor on this list is the DEWALT DXCMV5076055. Its PSI tops off at 175, giving a high airflow of 13.5.

I like that the motor is 5HP but still makes little noise. This is because of the low RPM setting that the manufacturer has integrated into the design.

It will also build pressure really quickly as compared to single-stage compressors.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High PSI and CFM values
  • Less noisy motor
  • Fast pressure buildup


  • No instructions for wiring included

4. MAXAIR C5160V1-MAP 60-Gallon Compressor

If you’re not going to move your compressor at all, then the MAXAIR is one of the better options out there.

It has 3 feet instead of 4, so you can easily drill holes in the ground and place it where you want. It will provide you with a high airflow of 18.5 CFM at 100 psi.

However, this one also has a weak drain valve, just like the industrial air compressor reviewed above (No.2). Make sure you’re careful when you move it around.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High CFM output
  • Stable installation
  • Performs most heavy-duty tasks


  • Weak drain valve

5. Puma Industries 6060V 60 Gallon Compressor

For mobility purposes, Puma Industries has come up with a unique design.

This compressor has steel wheels on the bottom, which is quite odd, in my opinion, since a 60-gallon compressor is quite heavy.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to move a 300-pound unit, it’s much easier if there are wheels under the merchandise.

Hence go for this one if your work requires you to move around a lot. You can get a CFM of up to 12 at 90 psi with this one.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Portable compressor
  • Belt-drive motor
  • Decent CFM


  • Instruction manual not clear
  • Small junction box
  • Hard to connect wires

6. Ingersoll Rand 2340L5 60 Gallon Compressor

Ingersoll Rand never disappoints. This air compressor is no exception. The hallmark of this two-stage compressor is its durable design.

It’s made for a long time use in extreme conditions! It also delivers the highest psi you can expect from a 60-gallon compressor, i.e., 175.

I also like the thought that was put into making this compressor easy to clean. Since it’s a long-lasting device, it’s bound to get dirty.

Therefore, you can clean easily with the individually casted cylinders. However, I don’t like that the drain valve keeps leaking until you tighten it.

You might have to do it a few times before it’s fixed!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Durable compressor
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation


  • Leaky drain valve
  • Can’t check the oil while filling

7. Ingersoll Rand SS5 60 Gallon Compressor

The SS5 is a little weaker than the Ingersoll Rand compressor mentioned above (No. 6). However, it’s still a competitive choice.

You can operate this compressor for long hours without worrying about overheating. However, you should know that the PSI value is a little low at 135.

Also, the drain valve is a little hard to reach under the compressor. It’s not designed as efficiently as one would hope.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Continuous operation
  • Quiet motor


  • Hard to reach drain valve
  • Air pump leaks oil
  • Not durable enough

8. Porter Cable PXCMLC3706056 Single Stage Air Compressor

This compressor is the go-to pick for someone who likes to do their pneumatic tasks at home.

A DIY expert would love this compressor since you have to set it up from scratch by purchasing your own parts. With 3.7 horsepower on the motor, you can get an airflow of 11.5 at 90 psi.

These are some of the lowest values I have seen, but most at-home tasks can be accomplished within this range.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Good for DIY enthusiasts
  • Slick design
  • Has an efficient pressure gauge


  • Low CFM and PSI values
  • Hookup parts not included

9. Powrmate VX PLA3706056 60 Gallon Compressor

Did you find the perfect compressor for your needs above? If not, then you’re in luck. The POWERMATE VX is the best 60-gallon compressor on my list!

It has everything you can ask for from a 60-gallon compressor. At 90 psi, you’ll get a decent CFM of 11.5. Most pneumatic tasks can be done at these values.

It doesn’t look like much, but this compressor really is a beast! It does everything as advertised.

Quiet operation and reliability are just a few of the many great perks you get if you buy this compressor.

Don’t take my word for it, head over to the website, and see the customer reviews for yourself!

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Efficient pressure output
  • Quiet operation
  • Reliable design
  • Heavy-duty motor


  • Doesn’t have a regulator

10. Industrial ILA3606056 60 Gallon Compressor

You might have noticed that this list contains a lot of industrial air compressors. That’s because when it comes to 60-gallon compressors, industrial air is one of the best in business.

This compressor is almost the same as the ILA4546065 (No.1 mentioned above). The only difference is that this one operates on twin cylinders, whereas the ILA4546065 has three cylinders.

You’ll get a CFM of 11.5 at 90 psi with this compressor, which is good for operating most pneumatic equipment out there.

Just keep an eye out for the motor’s oil. It may leak if you overuse the compressor.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Decent PSI and CFM values
  • Twin cylinders
  • Easy lubrication


  • Leaky motor
  • Weak head pump gasket

11. Quincy QT-54 2V41C60VC 60 Gallon Air Compressor

The QUINCY QT-54 is another competitor for the top spot on my list. It’s my suggested pick after the top 3 air compressors I have mentioned above. (POWEMATE, INDUSTRIAL AIR, DEWALT) This is because it operates at one of the highest pressures in 60-gallon compressors.

It has a max working range of 145-175 PSI. This makes this unit a perfect choice for heavy-duty pneumatic tasks.

However, this would’ve been in the top spot if the motor was a little more durable. The motor operates at a low RPM, which makes it less noisy, but it has a really short life span.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • High-pressure operation
  • Quiet motor
  • Thermal overload prevents overheating


  • Motor not durable enough

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a 60-gallon air compressor?

Look for an open area and put the compressor on isolator pads to prevent vibratory noises.

Then, according to the power source, hook the hoses and the wires to the required inlets and outlets, as mentioned in the instruction manual.

Then connect your pneumatic tools to work!

How long should it take for a 60-gallon air compressor to fill up?

The filling time of your compressor depends upon its stage and its maximum psi value. It fills up very fast up to 90 psi and then starts to slow down from there.

Usually, it should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes to fill up to 90 psi for any air compressor.

Is a 60-gallon air compressor big enough?

A 60-gallon air compressor is easy to move compared to an 80-gallon compressor, and it has a greater tank capacity than the 30-gallon compressor.

This means that it is the ideal middle-sized compressor for conventional use.

What size breaker do I need for a 60-gallon air compressor?

An 8/2 40 amperes breaker should be more than enough for most air compressors. However, make sure to contact your service providers for confirmation.

You can also check the user manual of your compressor for a more precise answer.

Are 60-gallon air compressors loud?

Some of them are loud, while others are quieter than most 80-gallon compressors.

If you want a quiet air compressor, look for the one that has a low RPM motor value.

How can I make my 60-gallon compressor quieter?

You can tighten the loose parts around the motor and place rubber paddings on the ground before placing the compressor if you’re installing it on the wall, then glue the paddings to the wall before mounting the compressor.

What is a good PSI and CFM value for a 60-gallon compressor?

A good range of PSI and CFM for a 60-gallon compressor is 90-135 and 10 to 15, respectively.

In these ranges, you can afford a lot of 60-gallon air compressors and execute most of your daily pneumatic tasks.

Should I get a 60-gallon compressor with wheels?

Suppose portability is your top priority then yes.

Otherwise, it’s not worth it since there’s no point in spending extra on a compressor with mobility if you’re just going to mount the compressor on the wall.


Did you find the compressor you were looking for? Each compressor that I have mentioned above provides its own unique utilities.

Make sure that you go through the buyer’s guide and list down your requirements before making the purchase.

Was this article helpful? If you want to share an experience regarding these compressors or any recommendations, let us know in the comment section below!

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