Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers 2021 | Good Value For Money

Brewing a small amount of coffee with a large machine is inconvenient. Large coffee makers tend to underperform when used to extract a small amount of ground coffee.

To avoid these inconveniences, you can choose a 5 cup coffee maker. Maybe you will be thinking of the Bonavita 5 cup coffee maker, but there are other great units that offer quality results.

You will realize that different coffee makers that brew 5 cups come with other additional features that offer you a lovely experience.

These coffee makers range from simple units that require you to fill the carafe and add coffee ground, to sophisticated machines that have multiple settings.

If you are an experienced brewer, you will want to select a complex and high-end 5 cup coffee maker. Novice brewers will also get quality units that can be used without further directions.

Top 5 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Below is a selection of the highly-rated 5 cup coffee makers on the market. Compare the machines and ensure to check the specific features before making your selection.

1. Black & Decker DCM600B 5 Cup Coffee Maker

With a compact design and ergonomic cord storage, the Black & Decker DCM600B 5-Cup Coffeemaker is a great value for small spaces such as apartments, offices, and condos.

This coffee maker is designed to brew small amounts of coffee which ensure excellent results each time.

Featuring a one-touch operation and a nonstick keep-hot place, this coffee maker offers you the convenience to enjoy a hot cup of coffee anytime without a hassle.

The reinforced dura life carafe is designed to last so you will enjoy your favorite coffee for a long. Water and coffee carafe level markings ensure you refill the carafe without guessing.

A sturdy handle adds to the usefulness and dependability of this coffeemaker. Cleaning is simple since the basket filter is removable. The filter basket is also dishwasher-safe which makes the cleaning process simple.

The filter basket is compatible with basket-style filters for convince of use. You will appreciate the keep hot carafe plate that helps keep your coffee sizzling hot for an hour after brewing.


  • 5-cup capacity compact design
  • Duralife glass carafe
  • Water carafe markings
  • Optimal brewing temperature
  • Cord storage and easy view water window
  • Removable filter basket
  • 1-4 cup basket style


  • This coffee maker has a small footprint making it ideal for apartment living.
  • The machine keeps your coffee hot for one hour since it has a keep hot carafe.
  • A dishwasher safe carafe makes cleaning this machine simple.


It features plastic construction that may compromise the durability, but the reinforced dura life carafe is long-lasting.

2. Mr. Coffee JWX9 5 Cups Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee JWX9 allows you to make a small amount of coffee at your convince. With the 24 hours programmable ability, you can set the machine to start brewing at your desired time. This feature is excellent when you want to wake up to a well-brewed hot cup of coffee.

Most features of this unit are aimed at offering you a delicious cup of coffee each time. It features an on/off indicator light that notifies you when you make a selection.

A removable filter basket makes cleaning this coffeemaker a breeze. You will enjoy the fact that the components of this machine are dishwasher safe which makes your cleaning fast.

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing is done, you will find the brewing pause ‘n serve feature very useful. This feature stops the brewing process temporarily allowing you to serve a cup.

You will realize that storing this unit is very simple, the compact design plus cord storage makes it space-saving.


  • On/off indicator light
  • Removable filter basket
  • Brewing pause ‘n serve
  • Dual water window
  • Cord storage


  •  It features a 24-hour programmable feature allowing you to set when you want to start brewing.
  •  You can stop the brewing process temporarily and pour a cup of coffee.


  • Users of this machine note that the user manual is intricate and the digital clock has some issues.

3. Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

If you stay in an apartment or have a small kitchen space, you require a compact coffee maker like the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto.

This machine has a compact design that makes it ideal for limited space. A 650-watt heater helps to maintain optimum temperature each time during the brewing process.

This coffeemaker allows you to get the best result in each brewing since it makes a small amount of coffee only 5 cups of coffee.

A removable water reservoir makes it simple to wash this coffee maker; hence, your brewing process will be convenient. A great aspect of this machine is that it comes with a replaceable water filter.

You can replace the filter paper to ensure your coffee is free from coffee grounds. When you select this machine you will get a measuring spoon and a user manual to get started.


  • 650-watt drip coffeemaker
  • Brews 5 cups of coffee
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Replaceable water filter
  • Measuring spoon plus user manual
  • Charcoal water filter


  • This coffeemaker has a small footprint for use in small kitchens and apartments.
  • Your coffee will stay warm for some considerable time until you are ready to pour a cup.


  • This coffeemaker does not notify you when the brewing is done since it lacks beep, buzz, and ding-dong sound.

4. Hamilton Beach 48136 5 Cup Coffee Maker featuring Glass Carafe

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is very affordable, yet it offers quality results. The selling point of the coffee maker is that it allows you to make a small amount of coffee at your convenience.

Whether you want a machine for the office or your home kitchen, this coffee maker is a good choice. It comes with an automatic pause and serves as a feature that allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the brewing is done.

The lighted “on” switch is meant to guide you through the coffee-making process since you will see your selection. A swing-out removable brew basket enhances the ease of using this coffee maker.

An easy-fill water reserve is ideal for brewing at any time of the day. You do not have to worry about the temperature of your coffee since this machine features a nonstick warmer plate.


  • 5 cup capacity
  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Lighted “on” switch
  • Swing out removable brew basket
  • Nonstick warmer plate
  • Cone-shaped brew basket


  • It features an automatic pause and serves a feature that allows you to taste the coffee before the brewing is done.
  • Your coffee remains hot for about an hour allowing you some time before serving.


  • The warmer plate may fail, and you may have to drink cold coffee or use other methods of warming the coffee such as microwave.

5. Bonavita BV1500TS 5 Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer

The Bonavita BV1500TS features a powerful heater of 1100 watts for quick and quality brewing. The heater maintains an optimum brewing temperature of about 91 degrees to 95 degrees C.

So you are sure of an authentic cup of coffee. With the optional pre-infusion mode, this coffee maker allows for custom brewing.

The pre-infusion mode saturates roasted ground coffee allows for degassing before brewing. Depending on your desires, you can activate the pre-infusion mode.

Cleaning the components of this coffeemaker is simple which allows for hygienic brewing. The carafe lid, showerhead, and filter basket are all dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. A shortcoming of this machine is its plastic components.

However, the plastic is BPA-free for healthy brewing. The specially designed showerhead is perfect for extracting small batch sizes which offer better-tasting coffee in 5 cup brewing.

One-touch brew operation featuring an auto-off makes your brewing simple. Thus, you can use this machine even if you are a novice brewer.


  • 1100-watt heater
  • Optional pre-infusion
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • BPA-free plastic
  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off


  • It features 1100-watt heat that allows for fast and quality brewing.
  • The components of this machine including the carafe lid, showerhead, and filter basket are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning.


  • This coffee maker comes with plastic components that may compromise its durability, but the plastic is BPA free.

Final Thought

A 5 cup coffee maker offers the convenience of brewing a small amount of tastier coffee. If you choose the best 5 cup coffee maker, you can use it to brew your favorite coffee at home or in the office.

A unit such as the Mr coffee 5 cup coffee maker offers great results and can be used in any setting. You realize that getting your preferred machine is simple after reading this 5 cup coffee maker reviews.

We have presented the highly rated 5 cup coffee maker reviews. To get your choice from these units consider the heater rating, ease of washing, ease of operation, durability, and convenience of use.

We hope this guide is useful and will guide you to choose the best coffee maker for your needs.

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