25 Gorgeous Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Tiles have a very significant role when you planning to redesign your bathroom. These 25 amazing bathroom tile ideas will make your decision-making process slightly easier.

  1. Bold colors

Photo By: Cathy Pyle

The usage of boldly colored tiles such as green can give your bathroom a unique as well as an elegant look.

  1. Marble Tiles

Photo By: emily-billings.com

Usage of marble tiles in the bathroom can give it a royal and classy makeover. it has a touch of elegance to it.

  1. Classic Black

Photo By: Minette Hand

Usage of black and white tiles is one of the small bathroom tile ideas to give it a classy look by using classic black.

  1. Completely Black

Photo By: Lana Kenney

Black never grows old. This completely black bathroom flooring is a proof of it.

  1. Use Of Mosaic

Photo By: Diana Liang

Usage of mosaic tiles on the floor compliment other accessories in the bathroom as well.

Apart from accessories, the mosaic flooring goes hand in hand with either tiled or wallpapered walls.

  1. Patterned Tile

Photo By: Minette Hand

The simpler elements of the bathroom allow this patterned cement floor tile to be in the perfect limelight.

  1. Large Tiles

Photo By: Minette Hand

Usage of larger tiles helps in covering a larger surface area. This design also has a minimum number of joints which means lesser grouting lines.

  1. Hexagonal Tiles

Photo By: Aimée Mazzenga

The hexagonal designed tiles on the floor add a bit of glamour and style to the bathroom.

  1. White on Black Mosaic

Photo By: Natalie Jeffcott

As opposed to the normal black on white patterns, this white on black mosaic adds uniqueness to the bathroom design.

  1. White Tiles

Photo By: Caitlin Wilson

A bathroom can be brightened up by using any of the white bathroom tile ideas. The idea is reiterated with the help of the picture.

  1. Fish Scale Tiles

Photo By: Inside Out

Usage of tiles on the shower wall designed like fish scales can be helpful in enhancing the overall theme of the bathroom.

  1. Hex tiles on the wall

Photo By: My Domaine

Just like the flooring, these hexagonal tiles can have a similar classy and stylish effect when they are deployed on the shower wall.

  1. Black Tiles

Photo By: Alexander Design

Usage of black tiles on the wall and flooring of the shower sends a strong message. It gives an accentual look to the bathroom.

  1. Colored Penny Tiles

Photo By: Jillian Harris

The bathroom is given an ombre effect by using these colored penny tiles in the shower.

  1. Bright Mosaic Tiles

Photo By: Inside Out

Usage of bold colored mosaic tiles can give your bathroom a very stylish as well as unique design.

  1. A Work of Art
Photo By: Fine & Country

Usage of artistically painted tiles in the shower can make your bathroom an amazing and elegant piece of artwork.

  1. Marble Tiles

Photo By: Ana Kamin

Usage of marble tiles in the shower combines the elegance of modern as well as classic designs.

  1. Dark Subway Tiles

Photo By: Yatzer

The amazing beauty and class of dark tiles inside a well-lit bathroom are simply indescribable.

  1. Plaid Effect

Photo By: Caitlin Wilson

The usage of grey, black and white colored square tiles can create a plaid effect in the bathroom.

  1. Hexagonal cement Tiles

Photo By: Tiles of Ezra

Usage of Hexagonal cement tiles in your bathroom will give it an elegant yet classy look.

  1. Tiles and wall of the same color

Photo By: Frenchy Fancy

Usage of tiles of the same color as that of the wall will give your bathroom an amazing and artistic textured effect.

  1. Brick Formation

Photo By: Hayley Kessner

The tiles laid on the bathroom wall in brick formation can give it a unique but stylish design.

  1. Penny Tiles

Photo By: Jacqueline Marque

Penny tiles in combination with dark colored grout can give a high definition effect to the bathroom.

  1. Different Shades

Photo By: My Domaine

Different shades of a single color can accentuate the whole texture of the bathroom.

  1. Patterned Wall Tile

Photo By: Benjamin Vandiver

Patterned wall tiles always have a very bold and beautiful effect on the overall theme of the bathroom.


Any of the above modern bathroom designs can be adapted easily to make your bathroom classy as well as elegant.

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