Top 5 Bad Catalytic Converter Symptoms | Warning Fix It Now!

Have you noticed that your car is not performing as well as it used to? Or perhaps you are experiencing some bad odors or weird noises coming from your car lately.

Bad Catalytic Converter SymptomsIf yes, then it is time to take a look at your catalytic converter as it is a critical component of your car and regulates several motor functions as well.

An inefficient converter is a hazard to your car as well as the environment as it causes severe air pollution and results in smog.

The following article contains some bad catalytic converter symptoms so that you can keep an eye out for any warning signs and invest in a new one as soon as possible.

  1. Misfiring of the Engine

Engine misfiring is one of the first signs that your catalytic converter is not up to par.

This is caused when the catalytic converters get overheated due to the mixing of raw fuel with the oil in the oil compartment.

This leads to small ignitions in the converter, melting individual component of the catalytic converter and causes engine misfires while the car is on the move.

  1. Less Horsepower

If your catalytic converter is not functioning correctly, then the car will most probably resist and have trouble going up relatively steeper slopes and while the car is accelerating at a rapid rate.

This is caused due to the inefficient use of fuel and decreased horsepower of the engine due to the faulty catalytic converter.

You can observe if this is true for your car by two simple experiments.

Firstly, you can test the car by accelerating it while it is at a stand-still or you could have an assistant accelerate it while you check the tailpipe for any signs of overheating. If the tailpipe is exceptionally hot or emitting hot fumes, then there’s a problem.

  1. Deteriorating Performance

Decreased or inefficient performance of the car is another one of the symptoms of bad catalytic converters.

It stems from the backed up flow of air through the catalytic converter that causes a buildup of necessary pressure in the exhaust compartment.

This, in turn, affects the functionality of the engine as well and causes significantly decreased fuel efficiency and engine stalling even when you are driving.

This backed up pressure also causes your car to move irregularly during start-ups or while driving.

  1. Clogged Exhaust System

One of the most significant warning signs for a bad catalytic converter is a clogged exhaust compartment, whether it is partially clogged or fully clogged.

If you catch this problem early on then you can get away with replacing a few parts; however in more severe cases; you might need to replace your catalytic converter altogether.

This is because the main inflow and outflow of gases are directly linked with the exhaust system and so it is one of the first things that one notices if something goes wrong.

Typically a clogged exhaust system will result in the development of bad odors in the car and will cause a stuffy atmosphere which will prove very uncomfortable for all the passengers, therefore, the best catalytic converter is the way to go.

  1. Inefficient Fuel Emissions

If your car has a carburetor, then you can check for these issues firsthand.

You can either check your exhaust pipe directly using a flashlight.

If you notice a thick cloud forming while the engine is on then, that is the residue of vapors that are being emitted from the catalytic converter and is untreated.

Apart from that, you need to keep a lookout for increased fuel emissions as well.

Since all the gases from the atmosphere are being left untreated and unprocessed by the catalytic converter, you will notice a significant increase in the rate of carbon emissions from the exhaust pipe.

This is incredibly alarming and needs to be addressed promptly.


Catalytic converters make up some of the critical components of any vehicle, and it is imperative that car owners keep a vigilant eye out for any symptoms of failing catalytic converters.

Now that you are well aware of all the warning signs, it is time to take some steps and upgrade your car as well by investing in one of the best catalytic converters out there on the market!

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